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Corticeira Fernando Couto advanced to fire workers after ACT was good – the company

The move came after the Corticeiros do Norte Workers' Union Monday (SOCN) revealed that the company Fernando Cortiças SA was valued at 31,000 euros by ACT following one of several inspections of the situation of Cristina Marques – who, according to the union structure, would be "punished" by "unproductive work", "shameful" and "psychological torture" after the court forced the company to integrate it into cadres.

Now, the SOCN report: "On the same day, workers returned to the usual sentence – loading and unpacking the same cork bag on the same pallet for nine hours – and not satisfied, the employer told the workers today that the same thing is preventively suspended for the organization of disciplinary processes aimed at dismissal only for reasons. "

For the Society, this means that, from "the initial dismissal of termination of employment – which the court deems unlawful – now there has been dismissal only because of disciplinary action."

Contacted by Lusa, Fernando Couto's administration sent a clarification of the situation to lawyer Nuno Cáceres, who stressed that he was currently only responsible for the process, but explained that the suspension of workers was to allow "a survey of the fake fact series he had publicly published "

There is no time frame to complete this disciplinary process, but because "employees will continue to be paid when suspended," the lawyer acknowledged that it was in the company's interest "to conclude the matter as soon as possible."

Nuno Cáceres' hope was that "a series of lies were revealed that employees had spread and that it damaged the work environment and reputation of the company – who until now, certainly, did not know how to defend themselves and now decided that it was time to adopt another position, even to file a fine Law. "

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