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CHUA marks World Diabetes Day with measures of sensitization and screening – Jornal on online Região Sul

The Portimão and Lagos Diabetology Center and the Diet and Nutrition Service of the Algarve University Hospital (CHUA) will promote various activities to mark World Diabetes Day.

The action is aimed at professionals and users, "in an effort to raise awareness and be aware of risk factors associated with pathology," the statement said.

The activity began on Tuesday, 13, with actions to raise awareness at the EB school 2.3 Prof. José Buísel and Manuel Teixeira Gomes Secondary School in Portimão, aimed at students aged between 10 and 17 years, as well as the entire school community, where professionals will talk about the importance of reading food labels, with the aim of promoting healthy eating.

Because food education is a key element in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, reading food labels will also be highlighted on Wednesday, 14, World Diabetes Day, at the Portimão Unit hall, between 9am and 5pm. at 3:00 p.m., in the act of awareness aimed at users and professionals.

Also on the 14th, the Portimao Hospital Unit will offer a special menu tailored to the specifics of diabetics' diets, consisting mainly of grains, peas, soups with vegetables and sugarless desserts.

Still at 14, but in Faro, in a more targeted approach to users of Diabetes consultation, professionals from the Diet and Nutrition Department will present different suggestions for midnight food, providing nutritional information about them.

Already on the 15th, activities will focus on health professionals, who will be able to participate in workshops on insulin therapy which will take place in several all-day sessions in the training field of Portimão Hospital.

The celebration will end on the 17th, in Aljezur, where during the morning at Pasar Kota, screening of risk factors for diabetes will be conducted.

Through the Findrisk methodology, professionals from the Center for Diabetology and Diet and Nutrition Services of the Lagos Hospital will fill out questionnaires, conduct physical evaluations and other parameters, such as capillary glycemia or blood pressure, to detect users who are at high or very high risk of developing diabetes in ten years in the future and, if necessary, refer them to health services.

Still in Aljezur, at 2:00 a.m., the "Care for People with Diabetes" lecture will be held at Espaço +, which is intended for patients, caregivers and family members who deal daily with pathology.

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