Chrome 71 will notify you when a site tries to take money from you


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In addition to the possibility of blocking all ads from pages that have been abused in this case, version 71 of Google Chrome, which will be released in December, will bring another important new feature: the browser will issue a warning when the page visited tries to collect user bills without this being clearly stated.

Example: when, to access the download link, for example, the page asks the user to fill out a form that contains his cell phone number. In many of these cases, the user finally submits his number for the billing service without knowing and, after receiving a monthly invoice, is surprised by the recruitment of services he doesn't know.

A form that asks for a cellphone number to allow downloads, for example (Image: Google)

In order for sites not to be tagged from Chrome 71, they must be transparent enough about whatever bills might occur when they ask users to enter their cell numbers, and also without reporting bills in the dark, users don't understand that bills will be made.

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Warning that Chrome 71 will be displayed in this case (Image: Google)

Source: Chromium Blog

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