Catherine Zeta-Jones revealed the secret of marriage for almost 20 years


Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are one of the dearest couples in Hollywood. Married for almost two decades, the actors have made love win – even with the basic difficulties of the appearance of the media.

In a recent interview with the event & # 39; Today & # 39; NBC, Zeta-Jones explains the secrets that strengthen the duo.

"Michael and I have a very open relationship", start by explaining. "You have to be open and honest, share things that people might not share in a pharmaceutical counter", emphasized.

The fact is that Catherine and Michael have gone through very painful moments, one of which was recently directed by the actress. In a wave of allegations of sex crimes in Hollywood, the actor was charged with sexual harassment, something that had affected the family environment and which Zeta-Jones said had left him "destroyed."

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