Saturday , January 16 2021

Bruna Marquezine combines prints of jaguar and zebra animals in appearance. See!

"I like and always like boots," Bruna said

During the fashion week in Paris, Bruna talked about his preference for everything he saw on the runway. "I went back to wearing boots, I like it and I always like boots, I really enjoy shoes that are on the rise now, like the Fendi model. In an interview with Lilian Pacce. Bags, which still share opinions when they appear, are also listed as darling: "They make this with a handle that can turn into a bag, or with a slightly larger handle that can be adjusted, or a cross that I also think is super.

Careers in the world of unplanned fashion: & # 39; Experimenting & # 39;

More and more involved in the fashion world, Neymar's ex-girlfriend said that such insertion was not planned. "I have worked with things I did not think about, things related to fashion that I did not program, but I enjoyed it and I experienced it." Where I have a job opportunity that interests me, I will do it. every area, that is something that professionals want. And I think Oscar for an actress, I think it can't go beyond. But I have never seen a national and international career as a different matter. I only see my career, my way, and I want to work, "he said.

(For Marilise Gomes)

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