"A good policy will stimulate your country to use crypto currencies"


Crypto coins, which have faced heavy losses since January, will continue to experience volatility in the coming years. But the belief among the three experts and investors in this sector is that these instruments have survived and will eventually become public and restore power to consumers through decentralized management.

"We will see all kinds of volatility … Bad politics will struggle to try to use their power, but good policies will encourage their countries to use crypto currencies," said Tim Draper of venture capital Draper Associates, who Tuesday went to the Web Summit to analyze the state of digital coin art. Since late last year, bitcoin, for example, has lost more than half its value, which has been linked to concerns about security related transactions, market corrections, or problems that have prevented large traditional players from entering the crypto coin market.

"It's famous for being wrong about future behavior," said Peter Smith, Blockchain CEO, one of the leading Cryptomannan portfolio managers. "Cryptomercado is very small. There is a lot of room to grow, but we have to be a little more humble. And in the next few years, improving the platform is a fundamental thing to develop," he added.

Draper and Smith also argue that the solution to crypto currencies is a way to restore power to consumers by making them part of the governance and security governance process and by comparing the characteristics of decentralized currencies with "traditional" money managed by central banks. "We will regain the strength to … that people in this room have the power to choose, decentralize the market to give consumers back power," said Garry Tan, Initialized Capital.

But for this it is first necessary that criptomoeda be vulgar in ordinary people's purses, something that Tim Draper said would happen when a great brand, such as Starbucks, receives it like a payment instrument and facilitates its use. . "This will be an easy choice, we have to push it to happen. And that happens by buying bitcoin, putting it on Ledger [uma das carteiras], feel the coin, "he defended.

Or, as Peter Smith did before the session began, by announcing offers for each Web Summit participant that is equivalent to $ 25 in Stellar cryptomeda (around 100 units). This distribution – "airdrop" will also cover millions of platform users, totaling 125 million dollars available in this crypto currency.

With Bitcoin at $ 5,600 – it stood at 15,000 at the end of last year – no one wants to make predictions about where cryptomaniac will be in a year. Smith and Tan, however, claimed to be "very optimistic" about their evolution.


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