Monday , July 26 2021

YouTube introduces a complete free film ::

Will the platform be a good alternative for other VoD services? YouTube has its own movie offer on demand, but so far you have to pay for access to all the production there. So far, because the service has just introduced an option that allows you to watch some video content for free.

As you would expect, in the case of free access, films are linked to advertisements. The initial database of free titles is not very impressive – YouTube currently offers around 100 free productions, most of which are free Hollywood classics like Terminator or Rocky. Overall, however, it has a lot of potential and the possibility that new service offerings will be expanded, and over time it will become a viable alternative to large VoD services.

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Unfortunately, free videos on the YouTube platform are currently only available in the United States. Google does not tell you whether and when the right offer will appear in Europe. However, you can assume that the whole is only tested in the US and over time will also come to us.

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