You can send gifts at Fortnite


At Epic Games, chickens have just been released from a completely new flow of money. After months of waiting, the Fortnite community was finally able to give each other gifts. Long live the magic of Christmas, let rich friends stay.

Sending gifts is not new in the game industry. Since I remember, I begged my fellow clans to get gold in World of Warcraft. Sam made some presents on Steam, making my younger cousin happier. Virtual prizes with virtual objects are very good gifts for fans of certain games. Of course, if you know what someone needs.

It's no wonder that the Fortnite community wants to be able to give each other.

In shooting the most popular online network today, there is a mass, MASS from cosmetic elements. Costumes, weapons, dances, paragliders, stickers, and recently even four-legged friends – Fortnite has many elements that can be made with real money. However, the skin is not cheap, which means that the imbalance between rich fans and their less wealthy colleagues in the wallet can be seen as much as possible.

Fortunately, starting November 27, 2018 people with movements can make their colleagues smile. Along with update 6.31, the prize system is implemented for games. From now on, every cosmetic item that is currently in store (digital sites have limited capacity, and changes in goods occur from time to time) can be converted into gifts. Epic Games has put this mechanism on the test. The first test will only last one week.

The gift system has several limitations. First of all, prizes can only be in the form of cosmetic items that are currently on display at the store. Second, prizes can only be sent to players on your friends list for a minimum of 48 hours. Third, you can offer up to three prizes in one day. Fourth, prizes are only sent to players with two-step account verification enabled.

The need to combine two-step verification is a great Epic Game decision.

Fortnite is the most popular online game played by many young people, not fully aware of the dangers of children. The gift-giving system is the ideal mechanism to force players to activate the advanced defense mechanism for their own account. Many users do not enable two-step verification of laziness or ignorance. Virtual gifts are a fun reason to change your attitude.

What is two-step verification at Fortnite? This is an account security system that goes beyond classic logins and passwords. Epic Games uses in it the e-mail address where the Epic Games account is created. If you run Fortnite on a new device or after more than 30 detox days, you must confirm your identity through the code received in the email. That's enough to increase account security by more than 60 percent.

To enable verification of the two-step Fortnite account, just enter this secure address and follow the instructions in Polish. It won't take you more than a few dozen seconds.


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