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“You are not the one giving birth to the dead.” Protests in front of the Curia and Palace of the Archbishop of Warsaw – Events – News from the country and the world – – Events and Facts

As explained by the organizers of the National Women’s Strike, the action took place in front of the curia at ul. Franciszkańska because “it is a pathological relationship PiS with the church make pathological decisions. “

Constitutional Court to punish Polish women, it is a disgrace. These demonstrations turned into national protests against an oppressive and authoritarian government – said one of the participants.

The crowd chanted “This is war”, “Pathology”, “Jędraszewski stop”, and vulgar screams were also heard. Above the head of the protest, a banner was carried with the words “The Catholic Church is guilty, NOT Holy”, there were also banners “Health, not Hail Mary”, “My conscience is not your concern”, “You have women’s blood on your hands”, “Hell Woman “,” I am not an incubator, I am not an ideology, I am human “.

In front of the curia building, the procession begins to the seat of the Cracow family PiS structure, filled the streets of Straszewskiego, Piłsudskiego and Retoryka. In the philharmonic building he finds counter-manifestations of the pro-life community of a few, protected by the police. Candles were lit at the entrance to the local ruling party office.

Then the demonstration returned to the curia headquarters at ul. Franciszkańska, then went to the Adam Mickiewicz monument on the Main Square.

According to the PAP, the spokesman for the Małopolska police, Sebastian Gleń, no major incidents have been reported yet, but there have been, for example, attempts to rip off the microphone by the interlocutor. The final balance should be known within a few hours of the participant leaving and the report is received.

Earlier on Sunday, a protest car passed through the streets of Krakow, organized under the slogan “Instead of the masses, come to the protests.” A motorcade with slogans, flags attached, passed through the city streets: Armii Krajowej, Czarnowiejska, Aleja Trzech Wieszczawska, Nowy Kleparz, Wrocławska, Radzikowski and taxi drivers joined the journey.

According to Police 250 cars participated in the protest. A spokesman for the Małopolska police assessed that the crossing was smooth, and because of the low traffic on Sundays on the city streets it did not cause any major difficulties.

Protests against the Constitutional Court’s decision on abortion provisions were also held on Sunday in other Małopolska cities, including Tarnów, Nowy Sącz and Chrzanów.

“It’s not you who will give birth to the dead.” Protests in front of the Palace of the Archbishop of Warsaw

In front of the Palace of the Archbishop of Warsaw at ul. Miodowa, Sunday after 19.00, protests began regarding the Constitutional Court ruling on Thursday regarding provisions regarding permissible abortion. “You will not be responsible for death,” shouted the demonstrators.

Before 19. The mass of protesters who joined the protesters gathered from the side of Jalan Krakowskie Przedmieście, where the previous demonstrations took place.

In front of the curia gate, among others, are two women with their hands tied. Above their heads was a plate with the slogan: “Strength pulls our hands”.

Protesters chanted slogans: “I think, feel, decide”, “Freedom, equality, abortion on demand”, “You don’t want an abortion, don’t do yours”. The crowd also chanted slogans offensive to the ruling party and church authorities. The protesters also had banners with the slogan: “Abortion as a human right”.

The demonstration in front of the Warsaw Curia was organized by nine organizations, including the Joint party and the Young Left.

The protest was secured by several hundred officers Police. Miodowa Road has been excluded from traffic.

Earlier on Sunday, opponents of abortion restrictions protested in front of St. Petersburg. Petersburg. Cross. There were fights and incidents. The police intervened. He separated protesters from the church in police cars. Protesters chanted: “Displacement …”, “Women’s Hell”, “Women’s Rights”. They put up posters reading “Catholics torture women”, “Wara of the choice of women” and rainbow and black flags.

Hangers and candles in front of Radio Maryja

Sunday’s protests over Thursday’s Constitutional Court ruling on the acceptance of abortion also reached Radio Maryja headquarters. The demonstrators, among others, went in front of the gate with hangers and candles.

Initially, the protests in Toruń were – like in previous days – centered mainly in the city center. Demonstrators gathered at the Nicolaus Copernicus monument, from which they went to the curia. In addition, demonstrations take the form of “walks” along the main road, as has happened since Thursday. However, on Sunday, the journey was longer, as the demonstrators also reached the headquarters of a broadcasting station run by Redemptorists.

The slogans raised by the demonstrators on Sunday were divided into censorship and clearly obscene. The crowd – mostly young people chanting “We don’t fold umbrellas”, “J … و PiS”, “Down with the Ducks”, “W … و”, “We have enough”, “Solidarity is our weapon “,” My body, it’s my decision “. Similar slogans were written on the banners.

In front of the radio headquarters, additional screams were heard descending Tadeusz Rydzyk’s father – Founder of Radio Maryja and Trwam Televisi.

Among others, “J … ery from Rydzyk”, “We should be long …”, “We will not feel sorry, one word – in … j”. Many times the word “w … j” is also addressed directly to a redemptorist. He is also “greeted” with the middle finger.

Asp. Wojciech Chrostowski from the Communications Team of the City Police Headquarters in Toru said that the protest was quiet and that no incident would force police intervention. He did not wish to provide the service with an estimate of the number of participants in the “walk.” The information provided by the organizers and participants indicated the number was several thousand people.

Toruń’s representative from the Left, Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus, and her husband appeared on Sundays at St. Petersburg. Petersburg. Jakub with the banner “Women! You Can Decide For Yourself ”and“ Women should have the right to decide whether to give birth or not, and not a state based on Catholic ideology ”(original spelling – PAP).

We are all smart enough, sensitive enough, and empathetic enough to make our own decisions about whether, when and with whom to have children. On our own, in tune with ourselves and with our own conscience, we can make the best, sovereign, personal and best decisions. Including whether they want to report their pregnancy or not. This must be our decision, because we and only we will pay the consequences. No one, not the bishop, nor Kaczyński, or Przyłębska, or Pawłowicz, or the defender of the pedophile priest Piotrowicz can tell you what is best for you. You know it best – Scheuring-Wielgus writes on social media.

Lublin: Wire hangers, vulgar slogans and rainbow flags on curia gates

Wire hangers, pro-abortion slogans, some vulgar slogans and rainbow flags were hung at the gates of the metropolitan curia in Lublin by participants in a demonstration against the city’s tightening of the abortion law, which was passed in the city on Sunday.

The demonstration ended in front of the metropolitan curia, although initially the demonstrators intended to end it in front of the cathedral. When they realized that several dozen representatives from the national circle and the right had gathered in front of the shrine, they walked towards the nearest curia base.

In front of the closed curia gates they chanted “Open for the bishop”, “The truth is on our side”, “Coward”, “Let go …”. They hung posters at the gate with slogans, such as: “We should have crossed out”, “Free c … and free Poland”, “If the altar boy is pregnant, abortion will become a sacrament”, “Abortion must be legal until age 71″, ” Catholics are far from the womb “.

They also hung several dozen wire hangers for clothes and rainbow flags on the gate. Then the police fenced them off the gate. A group of demonstrators shouted at the nationalists. The police separated them.

Demonstrations titled “Women’s Rights Funeral Parade” began at the entrance to Saski Park in the city center, and attendees walked through the park and gathered in concert casings for a brief rally.

Abortion on demand is about empowering women and all people with a uterus, and trusting that each one will make the best decisions for them. The decision will be the best, because every woman and everyone who has a womb knows themselves and their conditions well The young woman said. At the end of her speech, she admitted to having had an abortion, which received applause from the audience. My womb is none of your business they sing.

An elderly woman, one of the few youths who dominated the demonstrators, assured her support for the youth. I was 60 years old, when I was in college I fought for your freedom. Now taken from you, in small steps, silently. Don’t back down, just like we didn’t back down once, even though we were beaten, beaten, there were confidants among us. Many of us retirees support you The woman said.

From Taman Saski, the protesters escaped to the Catholic University of Lublin. There they shouted against the professor of this university, the minister of education and science, Przemysław Czarnek. “Apologize for Czarnek” and “Przemek Czarnek suck … j” – they sang. From the Catholic University of Lublin, they marched through Aleje Racławickie, Krakowskie Przedmieście and ul. Królewska to the metropolitan curia.

Police detained one person for violating the integrity of a policeman while intervening at the curia door. He identified 10 people who did not comply with the applicable regulations related to the epidemic – said spokesman for the City Police Headquarters in Lublin, Commissioner Kamil Gołębiowski.

On Thursday, a Constitutional Court judge ruled that provisions permitting abortion in cases of most likely severe and incurable fetal disorders or incurable life-threatening disease were inconsistent with the constitution. This justification shows that human life is a value at every stage of development and that as a value derived from constitutional provisions it must be protected by legislators. Two judges submitted differences of opinion.

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