Tuesday , June 22 2021

Within a few days you will play on the Xbox One with a mouse and keyboard

Professional players at Fortnite have rubbed their hands.

That information The Xbox One will support the mouse and keyboard appeared on the network at the end of September. That's when Phil Spencer – head of the brand – announced that there was hard work on integrating the latest Microsoft consoles with tight computer accessories.

In early October, the opportunity to test Xbox games using a mouse and keyboard was given to a small group of people who had the opportunity to play several titles on Razer equipment. It turns out that other users don't need to wait at all for their turn. Microsoft has just announced that the premiere of support for title accessories will take place already November 14.

However, this does not mean that in any game you can play with the mouse and keyboard. It is the developer who will decide whether he wants to get such support in his production. At first there will be fourteen titles, the list of which you will find below.

· Bomber Crew

· Warface

· Morta's children

· Master Minion

· Dayz

· Warframe

· Strange Brigade

· Warhammer Vermintide 2

· part time worker

· Wargroove

· power

· Thunder war

· X Morph Defense

· Fortnite

· Fortnite

Fortunately Microsoft maintains the right balance. The point is that in a shooter, players who use the mouse and keyboard will not be able to compete with the person playing on the pad. Without such restrictions, the introduction of support for this accessory might have a negative impact on the user.

The Razer brand and Microsoft mentioned above also plan to release a special mechanical keyboard and mouse. We don't know exactly what this uniqueness is, but we will find out only in the next year. Immediately calm down – Microsoft is not limited to Razer and the console will be able to connect accessories from any company.

Personally, I don't really understand the point of introducing support for accessories like that when it comes to the console industry. I am of the opinion that you do not buy such equipment to play on it with a mouse and keyboard and you will not be disappointed with this opinion.

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