Wilder and Fury visit firefighters in Los Angeles. video


Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury visited firefighters in Los Angeles as part of their fight promotion on December 1. Deontay Wilder, WBC World Champion: "In my city, I have many friends who are firefighters, so I know this job, but I don't know the whole scale of their assignments." After what I saw here, I must say that they deserve great respect. As you can hear from my voice, I am very happy to be here, this is a great satisfaction to wear their equipment, I imagine how it feels to wear it every day, it can make people crazy, but in the end they give them the strength to know that they save lives, and that makes you feel much better. Maybe the feeling is comparable to what will happen when I defeat Fury for America! "Tyson Fury, heavyweight champion:" This visit opened my eyes to the diversity of cultures and things that are happening around us, I see many homeless people on the streets, I have seen more than before, I live in downtown Los Angeles and I it only took five minutes, and I saw thousands of them – you might think that this was a third world country, the situation was scary and someone had to react to it. This is only an outsider's opinion, but such a situation with homeless people is happening all over the world, especially here. As in England, when I return to that country, I will build several centers for the homeless and I will establish a foundation for the deaf and alcoholics. "


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