Monday , July 26 2021

When will the snow fall? Long-term weather forecast

The question of when snow will fall disturbs many Poles. We want to know whether the winter of 2019 will be white, whether this year we will be able to ski in Poland, or the conditions on the road will make it difficult to drive a car. What do meteorologists say about this? We are looking for a long-term weather forecast to answer this question.

When will the snow fall? There are no opportunities in November

According to the American weather forecast, available on the AccuWeather portal, November 2018 will be a very pleasant and sunny month. Temperatures won't drop below zero until the end of the month, and the sun will break through the clouds for most of the November days, which means that there will be no snow this month.

Will the Christmas vacation turn white? When will the snow fall?

The first snow that will cover the sidewalk and grass will probably fall in December. The American weather map shows that temperatures in Poland fell below zero in mid-December, and that's when we saw the first snowflakes falling from the sky. We have the greatest chance of snowing on December 13-20, however, all indications are that the white cover will not stay with us for a long time, because the temperature will rise and will reach values ​​above zero. Will white this year be white? Maybe not, like New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve.

When will the snow fall? In January, he might get a little more

The first month is really cold and winter is January. American meteorologists predict that snow, which will stay with us for a long time, will fall in the first half of January. During this period, more rain clouds will appear in Poland, and temperatures will drop so much that the snow will not melt immediately. However, let's remember that in January there were also estimates of many openings and temperatures, which might mean that this month would be very wet, and we would not enjoy long white feathers.

We remind you that long-term weather forecasts are full of errors and do not have to be checked. To be sure when snowing, it's good to check it, for example a few days before the planned ski trip.

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