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Weather on Sundays. IMGW: heat and storm

Heat, rain and heavy storms, local hail – are estimates for Sunday. The thermometer will show a maximum of 32 degrees Celsius.

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weather last day on the weekend is not promising. Sundays will pass after signs of rapid rainfall, massive storms and – in some places – storms with hail – the synoptic are alarming. According to estimates, an estimated 10-30 liters of rain are expected to fall per square meter. The wind can reach speeds of up to 60-90 kilometers per hour.

The thermometer will show from 26 ° C in the Szczecin Lowlands to 32 ° C in the Lesser Poland Province – reports TVN Meteo.

The highest air humidity is estimated for the central, southern and eastern parts of the country. This will exceed 90 percent in this region. Across Poland, better air humidity levels remain at 80 percent. Biomet will be unprofitable – throughout the country we will feel hot, steamy and clear.

Estimated IMGW

According to IMGW, Europe is dominated by the above, only Scandinavia, parts of Central Europe and the Iberian Peninsula are within the range of the atmosphere. Above Poland, from west to east, there is a low bay with an atmospheric front system connected to that from the southern part of Norway. We are in the mass of the polar sea air, only when passing warm parts of the lowlands of the southwest flow more warm and humid air masses.

The pressure during the day in Warsaw will be 1001 hPa and will grow.

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Medium to heavy rain on Sundays. In places, rain and storms, the strongest in the eastern part of the country. During storms, rainfall is estimated locally in the western part of the country from 15 to 25 mm, in the east 30 to 40 mm and falling hail. The maximum temperature of 22 degrees, 23 degrees above the sea and 24 degrees in the northeast and West Pomerania, in the center and in the west of the country from 26-27 to 29 degrees, up to 30 degrees, 31-32 degrees in the south east of Poland. The wind is weak and moderate, sometimes strong, southwest and west, only initially in the east and in the southeast and south. During the storm it blows up to 80 km / hr, and in the southeast up to 100 km / hr.

Night weather

At night to the west of the small and medium clouds, bathing initially only in Lower Silesia. The rest of this area is medium and large, with drizzling rain, and in the east in the first part of the night is also a storm. During a storm, rainfall is estimated to reach 10-15 mm in the east of the country. Minimum temperatures of 11 degrees in the Podhale and 13 degrees north and northwest to 16 degrees, 17 degrees on the vast Polish region. Weak and moderate winds, sometimes blowing, west and northwest. When the storm blows up to 70 km / hr.

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Weather on Sundays

On Sundays in Warsaw, the clouds are small and medium, with periods going up to the big ones, until rain and short storms, locally with hail. Prediction of rainfall during storms up to 40 mm. Maximum temperature of 28 degrees. The wind is weak, medium, south, during the day turn west. Overcast, gusts of wind reach 85 km / hour.

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On cloudy and temperate evenings, only initially large with rain and lightning storms fade. Rainfall prediction during storms up to 15 mm. Minimum temperature of 16 degrees. Weak winds, middle west and northwest. During a storm, winds of up to 70 km / h may occur.

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On Monday, capital in the cloud is generally moderate. The maximum temperature is 24 degrees. Moderate winds, fast periods, northwest. Meteo

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