We can calm down – the slider in Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is really durable


We associate a slider with a rather long time. Devices built in this way ruled after the advent of smartphones. Manufacturers are trying to revive them from time to time, and the latest example of this is Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. But are you also getting rid of problems that interfere with such phones, that is, a mechanism that is not very strong? It seems that in this case, yes.

China states that the sliding mechanism used in their latest frameless case will hold 300,000 cycles (opening and closing). This means that if we assume that the average life cycle of a smartphone for one user is two years, this one can continue run the selfie camera more than 400 times a day. I think that's enough.

Of course, as you might expect, Xiaomi has underestimated this number in official data. It's not unusual, every brand when doing this type of information follows exactly the same, leaving a safety margin. However, they seem willing to check what the latest Mi Mix really can survive.

And it turns out it's quite a lot. A specially built machine opens and closes the Mi Mix 3 housing, checks when the device, and in principle the mechanism used in it, gives up. If you believe what we see in the film below 600,000 cyclesso twice as much as the producer stated, that didn't really impress him.

What's more, after the test is complete, the slider is still functioning properly. Of course, we must remember that this is a laboratory condition, so it might look a little different when using the device every day. However, we might disconnect the screen faster, destroy the phone or just bore it, rather than obey the mechanism responsible for opening the case.

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