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This novelty can save Google Pixel 4. A real innovation around the corner

Project Salt – great hope for Google Pixel 4

The theme of controlling a smartphone with movement is not new at all. In fact, it has been present in the mobile device industry for several years and all producers have managed to apply it to each other. Some apply it well, others are worse, but in general the assumptions of such a system have something in common. Another natural step is the ability to control without touching the screen. There are also some serious equipment here, of which you can mention Air Gesture from Samsung. Yes, in the end it disappeared because it didn't work as fast and as fast as it should, but, surprisingly, you can still find a copy of this solution on the cheapest Chinese telephone.

However, we are dealing here with a good idea that only requires newer and better technology. The same applies to facial recognition systems: a few years ago such a solution was available, but the quality of their operations left a lot to be desired. Then came Apple with a sophisticated Face ID and suddenly such a system became very safe. In terms of controlling the cellphone with movement without touching the screen, the important thing is Project Salt from Google.

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Now, overall, we can be sure that Salt Projects, which can finally be called themselves be aware of, has pressed Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL. Comfortable and smooth control of the phone sounds great and I hope that within 4 years of the first announcement, Americans can perfect it. The possibilities offered by this solution are enormous. Interestingly, this technology will force the Mountain View company to build hardware with a larger frame on the front. They will not be symmetrical, but at least we will not see in them a little added curve.

Real innovation

I think such a new product will be able to increase Google's position on the market. If they still maintain the quality of all the models produced and test them carefully before the premiere, I think many people will be tempted by new Pixels even out of curiosity. After all, expensive smartphones are most often bought for two reasons: prestige and the desire to check all these technological innovations.

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I hope this year's Pixel will be able to compete with competitors from Apple, Samsung or Huawei and others. However, cleaning Android and fast updates is important, but it is very extra taste they can make a big difference. I am very curious about how the Salt Project will work in practice and what will enable it.

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