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Tuesday, November 13, 2018 15:24, Written by MP

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A new leak on Sony's ideas.

The PlayStation 5 console is currently Sony's best secret – as happened in the world of technology, a lot of information is coming out, and anonymous informants also share more or less verified information. This time a carving struck the network, which showed precisely what the next generation of DualShock controllers can look like. In this case, we will have interesting refresher from Japan.

The biggest change on the PlayStation 5 pad is the application of a touch screen by the manufacturer, which can be used as an additional screen to show game interface elements or to navigate through the options available in certain production menus. Where should the screen be placed? In a strange place – under the analog button. At first glance this is a strange change, but it will definitely be useful for people who have smaller hands and cannot reach a number of buttons. Everything sounds logical, at least on paper.

This is currently the only major change in the controller that can be seen in the picture. The second new feature is the number key 22but at this time you don't know what he can use during the match. In the sketch you can also see that the Share button has disappeared from the new DualShock which allows you to share screenshots or video recordings.


Designing a fall with a touch screen will not be something new or more revolutionary, but this can be an interesting improvement – exactly the type of headphone connector in each controller that allows you to enjoy the game at any time without having to search and organize things on TV or monitor.

Of course, keep in mind that all this information is not fully confirmed, and the new DualShock design itself can change several times.

However, it is very possible we've just seen in what direction the controller will evolve to the most popular console in the world.

Source: USPTO


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