Saturday , July 24 2021

The snowy winter has reached Poland. White has grown in many places


Arctic air flows into Poland, which we owe to the combined work of Russia and the Scandinavian country. On Sunday mornings in some regions of Poland it turns white.

As reported by Artur Chrzanowski, synoptics, precipitation can also accompany us on Monday. Today in the south, it can fall to 3, and in the mountains up to 10 centimeters of snow.

White in many regions

You show us how that morning is seen in many places in this country. In Radom, Siedlce and Międzyrzec Podlaski, it snowed, creating a layer of several centimeters. That's so much that it doesn't dissolve.

On Contact 24 we receive photos and videos:

Sandblaster on the streets of Warsaw

Aura on Sunday made the road slippery. 42 sand spreaders go to the capital's bridges, viaducts and steep roads. Because of the weather conditions at 10:35 a.m., the city cleaning service activity has begun – inform the City Cleanliness Department on Sunday.

As we read in the ZOM communique, seven Warsaw bridges, bridges over bridges, flyovers and steep roads, such as Dolna, Belwederska, Spacerowa and Karowa, were secured "slippery". In total, 230 kilometers of road will be secured – we read.

"The City Cleanliness Management Board monitors actual road surface conditions, current meteorological data and weather forecasts 24 hours a day, and if necessary, further action will be ordered to protect the road from slippery" – informs ZOM.

As we read, ZOM is responsible for maintaining the feasibility of the streets of the capital, where public transport buses run. "What remains is cleared, among others, at the request of the regional office," the authors of the communiqué state.

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