Sunday – November 2018. When will the shops be opened? [lista – 10.11.2018]


Trading Sunday. In November 2018, 4 Sundays are due, check which shops will be closed. The law on the trade ban has been in effect since March 2019 and introduced a number of restrictions for traders. However, if you are not familiar with Sundays with a trade ban, then do it quickly. From 2019, regulations will introduce more days without trade.

Prohibition of trading on Sundays. Some have rubbed their hands – see the video.

Sunday – November 2018

In 2019, only the last Sunday of each month allows you to sell. Starting January 1, 2020 Poland will be banned from trading on all Sundays except seven in a year. There are three pre-Christmas Sundays and the last Sunday in January, April, June and August, that is when the store arranges sales. According to regulations to violate the trade ban on Sunday, shop owners he can pay from 1,000 to 10000 zlotys.

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Sunday with a trade ban – November 2018 when the store will be closed?

In November 2018 we have four Sundays. In accordance with the rules adopted in the Law – The first and last Sundays of each month are commercial. Others are prohibited from trading.

  • Sunday, November 4 (commercial)
  • Sunday, November 11 (trade ban)
  • Sunday, November 18 (trade ban)
  • Sunday, November 25 (commercial)

Despite a sales ban on two Sundays, then the action included a long list of shops and commercial companieswhich can also be opened on Sundays without trading. So where do you go shopping when you run out of bread, sugar, flour, diapers? You can find a list of stores listed in the following gallery:

On Sunday, in November 2018, a trade ban applies. Which Sunday is commercial?

The law on trade restrictions on Sundays and certain holidays has been in effect since March 2018. It also applies to trade on December 24 and on Saturday immediately before the first day of Easter. We will not make purchases not only on Sundays and specified holidays, but also also after 2:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, December 24, and Holy Saturday.


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