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Such cars will soon be able to drive in Poland for the new 500+ [lista – 21.07.2019]

The Renault Clio, Hyundai i20, Opel Corsa, Dacia Lodgy – is the choice of cars for families of four, which can be funded by an expanded 500+ program – experts Carsmile judges.

The monthly cost of using a vehicle is in or slightly above 1,000 PLN, and the car is ideal for everyday use, namely for children to go to school or sports.

According to PiS's pre-election promise, the first child will also be included in this year's 500+ program. This means that a family of four will have PLN 1,000 per month, and a family of three – PLN 1,500. New rules from this program come into effect before the fall election.

PiS promises: 500 plus for the first child, "13" retires for the oldest.

Minimum safety and comfort

Because the 500+ extended program aroused a lot of emotion and was discussed extensively, Carsmile experts decided to examine what cars could be financed with the new extended family allowance. They assume that the car must be equipped with a basic safety system, such as: ABS or ESP or ESC (a system that stabilizes the driving path). Due to the fact that the car is supposed to be for traveling children, the standard equipment must also include special ISOFIX holders for the installation of safe child seats. In order for vehicles to provide minimum comfort for families, they are also assumed to have AC and radio.

Attention! These people may lose the benefits of 500 plus [lista]

The purpose of this analysis is to choose a car whose monthly usage costs (without fuel) will approach 1,000 or 1,500 PLN. The first installment of this report presents four very economical cars for a family of four, receiving a thousand zlotys from a 500+ program every month. This list presents three different variants of own contributions, namely no contribution, and PLN 3,000 and 6,000. In the analysis, it is assumed that cars are used in the form of long-term leases. Renting is the best way to minimize the monthly costs of using a vehicle and at the same time to finance a car from monthly social benefits.

Three hatchbacks

With around PLN 1,000 per month, we can buy a city car from segment B. Experts Carsmile have chosen four popular cars on the Polish market: three hatchbacks – Renault Clio, Hyundai i20 and Opel Corsa – and one available in this budget – Dacia Lodgy. The first three cars are enough for a comfortable trip in a short distance. They are very suitable for urban conditions, to bring children to school, swimming pools or gymnasiums. Assuming a monthly mileage of 1,000 kilometers, the rent for the Renault Clio, Hyundai i20 and Opel Corsa does not exceed the benefits of the 500+ program for two children and respectively PLN 924, PLN 978 and PLN 986, assuming its own contribution of 6,000 zł .

New car after 3 years

The total number of monthly subscriptions consists of fixed parts and one kilometer depending on the direction of the car. Subscriptions include services, AC and OC insurance and tire purchases and replacements. Users pay for their own fuel. The analysis assumes that the lease contract is concluded for 3 years, so that the car can be replaced relatively quickly, for example in situations where the family will develop.

The family of 12 people from Bydgoszcz did not want help – thanks to the 500 plus

With minivan a small additional fee

If we want to be tempted by a car, where we will put luggage for a vacation trip, it's worth considering Dacia Lodgy. Deciding on the minivan, unfortunately, we will exceed the amount obtained from the 500+ program by PLN 139 for its own contribution at the PLN 6,000 level. The maximum additional cost for Dacia Lodgy is PLN 332 per month if there is no contribution of its own. Remember, however, that by choosing this model, families can move to larger cars, which will be funded by the 500+ program. The solution could also be a delay in renting a car for six months, delaying the total number of services from that period and contributing to the PLN itself by 6,000. However, own contribution is not mandatory for long-term leases.

Jakub Dasiewicz, Katarzyna Siwek


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