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Subscribe to RTV immediately closed? TVP and Radio Poland are financed from the state budget? [21.07.2019 r.]

PiS will cancel the subscription – this results from information that the portal has reached. Public media, or TVP and Radio Poland, will be financed from the state budget. This also means cancellation of the subscription.

Subscribe to RTV for liquidation?

Funding TVP and Radio Poland from the state budget is almost certain – establishing the portal.

According to information from the portal, if Law and Justice wins the autumn parliamentary elections, it will almost certainly introduce public finance from the state budget. Such a decision also means liquidation of the subscription.

Subscribe to RTV in 2020[prices, exceptions, discounts, penalties …

Cancel subscription

Amendments to the law on public media financing have been announced since 2016.

PiS in the new term wants to change the public media financing system. TVP and Radio Poland will be financed from the state budget. The new solution must take effect from 2020. Such a decision will be meaningful subscription cancellation from 2020.

Cancel subscription starting in 2020? This is a very possible solution

– I hope that in the next term we will be able to create a system for financing public media that will not be a problem for Poland, and preferably not a citizen at all – the portal quoted Paweł Lewandowski, deputy minister of culture during the convention PiS program in Katowice.

It is in Poland legal obligation to pay for subscriptionsin connection with the ownership of a television and / or radio receiver, provided that the facts of having a recipient are reported.

Many customers are exempt from fees. – The systematic increase in the number of people freed from paying subscription fees fundamentally affects the state of the lack of financing for public radio and television – said the National Council in its report.

Subscribe to RTV for 2020 – rates

The decision to terminate the RTV subscription has not been made. However, the tariff for subscribing to RTV is known by 2020. The National Broadcasting Council has decided that the cost of subscribing to RTV in 2020 will remain the same as the current tariff.

Rates for RTV subscription in 2020:

  • PLN is 22.7 per month to use TV or radio and television
  • PLN 7 per month to use radio

Discounts for people who pay RTV subscriptions in advance will also remain at the same level in 2020.

For TV, the discount rate is:

  • 44.05 PLN for 2 months;
  • 65.35 PLN for 3 months;
  • 129.4 PLN for 6 months;
  • PLN 245.15 per year.

In terms of radio, the discount is:

  • PLN 13.6 for two months;
  • PLN 20.15 for 3 months;
  • 39.9 PLN for 6 months;
  • PLN 75.6 per calendar year.

The subscription fee is charged for not paying fine in the amount of PLN 681.

Subscribe to RTV – fee waiver

Who is released from paying a subscription?

  • person who is 75 years old;
  • people with groups are invalid;
  • people who receive nursing or social retirement benefits;
  • war veterans;
  • unemployed;
  • people who receive pre-retirement benefits;
  • people who meet the income criteria.

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