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Ski jumping. World Cup in Wisła. Live coverage – individual competition – TVN24

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Sensational Kamil Stoch! 126.5 meters, the judge is quite high, 3.3 points are added to the wind … The second pole. He lost just two points with Klimow.

Richard Freitag got 120 meters and shook his head in disbelief. 25. place. Favorites don't have a good day.

The problem of Daniel-Andre Tande. The third competitor of the previous World Cup season is free.

Climax leader all the time.

Stefan Kraft is not showing off. 119.5 meters and 19th place. He can't be satisfied.

On Saturday, Robert Johansson dropped competition for Norway, because he was disqualified for breaking the law as a whole. Today is also bad – 122.5 meters and poor mark.

Andreas Wellinger did not jump on the team yesterday. He pointed out, however, that this place was his right. 123.5 meters and sixth place.

Johann Andre Forfang from Norway behind Kubacki.

Dawid Kubacki in a good leap. The Polish representative is 124 meters tall. The note. I hacked in tenth place.

A decent level Markus Eisenbichler – 124.5 meters.

This time it's 122.5 meters by Jushiro Kubayashi.

Stefan Hula landed 115 meters in unfavorable conditions. It has a very low value. He must forget the final.

Another pole on the runway – Piotr Żyła. On Saturday he jumped great, today is also a good test. Wind for skiing, a little shaken and finally reaching 124.5 meters. For now it is classified in seventh place.

Simon Ammann – another great champion without form. 30th place. We will not see it today.

Maciej Kot, unfortunately without revelation … 116 meters and 110.2 points – this might not be enough for promotion.

What leap is that! Japan Ryoyu Kobayashi uses sudden changes in conditions and reaches 137.5 meters! He touched the ground with his hand when landing and had a weaker mark. That's why the second. However, the impression was big.

Daniel Huber jumped practically without the wind. It gave him 121.5 meters. It's only behind Free, thanks to the fact that the Pole will appear in the next round.

Clemens Aigner on Saturdays is very regular, on Sundays 119 m. Austrian players must qualify for the final round.

And the Zajc Tim shows how to jump away in these difficult conditions. 126 meters and second place high. So you can.

Gregor Schlierenzauer may forget how he is the best ski jumper in the world. 104.5 meters – disaster.

Free is feasible, taking into account unfavorable conditions. 121 meters. Now is the seventh.

Jacob Wolny on the beam!

The construction point is not for Gregor Deschwanden.

Kevin Bickner from the United States did not go to the red line.

We watched several dives jump. We are waiting for a better appearance.

Bulgaria's Vladimir Zografski is vague … The weakest in the field.

Now blow evenly and behind. I will also add snow.

Germany's David Siegel also showed himself on the good side. Judges have reduced points for wind, which shows how conditions change. He is second.

Friday's qualifying winners – Evgeny Klimov – 127.5 m and high scores. He was the first to add points to the wind. The Russians make an impression. Of course he is the first and can stay in this position for a long time.

They start. The Czech Viktor Polasek – 127 m is the first to perform well.

Individual competitions will begin at 3pm. Broadcast on Eurosport 1.

Horngacher coach was somewhat surprised by the victory of his players.

White and Red have pride.

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"We did a great job"

Saturday night on the hill in Wisła is very pleasant and ends with the singing of Mazurek Dąbrowski. Will there be a replay on Sunday?

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A party at Wisła. Hymn sung by acapella

Video: Eurosport A party at Wisła. Hymn sung by acapella

Dawid Kubacki had an unfavorable condition on Saturday, and in the second attempt he was clearly defeated by the wind. He showed a high disposition in Friday's qualifying for Sunday's competition. He took second place high in it.

The victory ensured Poland in Kamil Stoch's last attempt, which in the direct match proved to be better than Richard Freitag Germany.

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Kamil Stoch's second leap in the team

Video: Eurosport Kamil Stoch's second leap in the team

Piotr Żyła radiates a high form. Competitors from Wisła gave the longest jump in the competition – 130.5 m.

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Leap of Piotr Żyła
Leap of Piotr Żyła

Jakub Wolny – debutant in the elite team – shows a good side.

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Jakub Wolny jumped in the first series of team competition
Jakub Wolny jumped in the first series of team competition

Saturday at Wisla belongs to Poland which jumps perfectly and wholeheartedly wins the team competition.

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