Schumacher's wife broke the silence about her husband. "Michael will never give up"


For almost five years, the driver manager has talked about Michael Schumacher's health condition. Now the contents of the letter sent by the wife of former F1 champion Sascha Herchenbachema to the musician was revealed.

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Igor Kubiak

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In the picture: Michael Schumacher

In December, the fifth difference between Michael Schumacher's tragic accident will pass. The former Formula 1 driver while skiing in the French Alps hit his head on a large rock and has struggled to return to normality ever since. The information provided by the manager Sabine Kehm is very simple and deals primarily with the wisdom requested by the family.

Silence was interrupted by Corinna Schumacher's wife. The German magazine "Bunte" published a conversation with musician Sascha Herchenbach, who in December 2014 wrote a song for the driver entitled "Born To Fight". He sent a song on the CD to the Schumacher family, and he received an answer from Corinny.

Songs dedicated to Schumacher:

"We all know that Michael is a warrior and he will never give up," wrote the 49-year-old wife. – I don't expect to get an answer. The letter was handwritten and signed by Corinny's name. He wrote that he was very grateful for the gift that helped the family solve a difficult moment – acknowledging songwriter Sascha Herchenbach.

However, the store does not tell you when the letter was sent. Schumacher and his family must live in Switzerland, on their plantation on Lake Geneva. His wife has created him special conditions for rehabilitation, and his health is overseen by a team of 15 people. However, information about the status of drivers is currently not provided for the media.

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