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Princess Kate is ruined! He is ashamed of his uncle!

Kate's daughter (37 years old) and her family are having a hard time now. His mother's brother, Gary Goldsmith, will be tried for beating his wife unknowingly.

From time to time, the Royal Family struggles with scandals that explode inside the walls of the royal palace.

Until now, the family of Meghan Markle (38 years) really disturb the image of the British empire. His father voluntarily revealed unfavorable family secrets in conversations with the tabloid press.

He talked in detail about the conflict between him and Meghan and how the family wanted to separate him from his daughter. Now Queen Elizabeth II (93 years) has to face another problem, which this time is the fault of the family … Princess Kate!

Until now, Middleton's exemplary family has been a role model. Unfortunately, the media received bad information about Uncle Kate.

Gary Goldsmith is Kate's sister, Carole Elizabeth Middleton. He is always considered a black sheep, but not dangerous, in the family.

Until now, he only likes to party a lot and drink a little more than he should during a party. Unfortunately, he finally showed his real face.

Uncle Princess Kate beat her wife, Julie-Ann until she passed out in early October. The horrific act was witnessed by a taxi driver who called the police. The couple had been arguing in a taxi, which they returned to their property in a luxurious area of ​​London.

When they come down, the real drama takes place … First, the couple starts arguing, and when his wife hits Gary's face, the questioning little one, starts beating his wife with a fist. The woman fell onto the sidewalk, banging her head on the concrete and she lost consciousness.

A few minutes after the incident, the police and ambulance arrived. Uncle Princess Kate will answer this action in court. The trial will take place on 31 October. The royal family and Kate's family did not comment on this tragic situation.

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