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The Office of Electronic Communications imposed a fine on Orange Polska in the total amount of PLN 9.1 million. Operators send them marketing SMS without the necessary consent. More than 3.8 million messages have been sent. Orange Polska can appeal the decision.

UKE was imposed a fine on Orange Polska in the total amount of 9.1 million PLN / AFP

According to the Office of Electronic Communications, the process starts with complaints from clients who receive unsolicited marketing information via SMS.

The network sends information including about the available internet packages needed to send messages about the content shown.


"Article 172 (1) The Telecommunications Law protects customers and end users from disruption to their privacy through unsolicited communication, which prohibits the use of telecommunications terminal equipment and automated calling systems for direct marketing purposes, unless the customer or end user has previously expressed his opinion approval "- we read in office communication.

That shows that Orange Polska does not have the agreement given by customers to receive SMS from the marketing world, using an automated calling system.

The UKE president stated that the consequences of violations were a reduction in the level of protection of privacy and related rights regulated by law. "The scale of the procedure is significant, because it covers a total of 3 820 185 telephone numbers of customers or end users" – informs UKE.

In addition, the company takes measures aimed at satisfying clients by giving them special bonuses, including data packages.

UKE's decision is not legally binding. Orange Polska can appeal to the court.

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