No bra, only in brocade. Brave photo session from Magdalena Popławska


We know Magdalena Popławska from a small and large screen. We really remember his role in the TVN series "Usta, Usta". The 38-year-old actress then played with Agnieszka Holland, Rafał Kapeliński, Robert Glinski and Jacek Borcuch. Popławska rarely happens in the gossip press, focusing on professional careers.

No wonder that the photo session for "Wysokie Obcasów Extra" where he appeared, was very interested. Popławska stood in front of the lens of famous photographer Zuza Krajewska. This actress has a whole body covered with brocade. Looks very sexy.

Internet users are happy. "Magic", "phenomenal", "wow" – this is an example of a comment that flooded Instagram photographers.


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