Saturday , May 8 2021

Major changes in vehicle technical studies – rates may increase

On Tuesday in Sejm at a meeting with owners of diagnostic stations, held as part of a permanent subcommittee on micro and small businesses, deputy infrastructure minister Marek Chodkiewicz argued that the department would monitor changes introduced in the vehicle technical inspection system in 2019.

"The vehicle technical testing system works in Poland is not appropriate, as confirmed in the Supreme Space Control inspection, which is why changes are needed, as required by EU law, road safety and environmental protection," said Deputy Minister Chodkiewicz.

Representatives from the Ministry of Infrastructure emphasized, among other things, that the changes resulted in a coordinated diagnostic training system, as well as changes in the supervision system, which would introduce the higher quality of services provided by them. Transportation Technical Supervision will be responsible for overseeing inspections as well as employers who run vehicle inspection stations.

"To meet the expectations of entrepreneurs, we propose reducing or eliminating certain costs incurred by the owners of diagnostic stations, leaving the same tariff charged to the driver for technical testing. Deputy Minister.

"Final quality costs – which need to be emphasized – will not be higher than PLN 3.5, and will be determined in the Minister of Infrastructure's executive actions and will only take effect from 2020" – added the Deputy Minister of Projects assuming that the main source of financial support is the cost of inspections 45 days after date.

Marcin Barankiewicz of the Polish Station Vehicle Control Chamber, in turn, argues that entrepreneurs "do not have the illusion that they will be charged the main fee". As he said, the project assumed that in the first year of the law a 10 percent diagnostic test expired, in addition to falling to 6 percent. "Meanwhile, this is not realistic, because if users learn that they have to pay 50 percent to study, they will watch – Baroniewicz argues.

"Therefore, we estimate that the ministry in the regulation will issue a decision on increasing quality costs without raising costs for audits, as well as increasing the VAT rate from 22 to 23 percent, with the gross amount remaining studies dirty. he stressed.

In the opinion of the Director General of the National Association of Transport Entrepreneurs, Jalan Andrzej Bogdanowicz, "the average profitability of diagnostic stations is 2%," so if "quality costs" are introduced in the amount of PLN 3.5, which gives 4% of the cost of inspection of cars, all stations this will be + below the + line "- said Bogdanowicz." This could cause a fall of 3,000 stations, "he added.

President of the Polish Vehicle Control Station (PISKP) Leszek Turek said at a meeting on Tuesday that "the entrepreneurial postulate running the diagnostic station, often a small family-owned company, grew up for almost three years working on the project, not included in the Sejm project"

The Head of PISKP emphasized that "the industry does not oppose changes and introduction of new control systems, but" on the basis of partnerships "and" without incurring the costs of this change only for the owners of diagnostic stations "

Deputy Minister Chodkiewicz in response to the postulate of the diagnostic station owner, on introducing the principle of raising tariff rates for inspection of technical vehicles, which has not changed for 14 years, replied that "after an annual analysis of changes in the system, it is not excluded, such as changes in quality costs."

The first reading of the bill that changes the Road Traffic Law and certain other actions, which assume changes in the vehicle's technical testing system, will take place on Thursday, November 22.

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