Kielce. Bogdan Wenta can enter the coalition with PiS, not KO


Bogdan Wenta won 61 percent in the second round of self-government elections. vote, he defeated Wojciech Lubawski, who had been in power since 2002 and would become Kielce's new president. The former Polish deputy in the ball was politically connected to the Civil Platform, but at first did not support the party. Now, as suggested by local media, its coalition with PiS is possible.

In 2014, Wenta as a PO candidate was accepted in the European Parliament. However, the Civil Coalition in Kielce's presidential election has placed other candidates. This, however, did not enter the second round. It was only before the second round of elections that the Civil Coalition supported Wentê. And after his victory, Grzegorz Schetyna said that PO wanted to build a coalition with him in the city council.

Wenta has been appointed by seven council members for 25 city council members – without him, neither PIS nor KO do not have a majority. Most PiS lack votes – have 11 seats on the board. The Civil Coalition has six council members, but together with seven Wenta council members, it is enough to have a majority. The last mandate was won by SLD.

"There is no one-zero solution"

According to – and contrary to the announcement of Grzegorz Schetyna – the coalition scenario Stowarzyszenie Projekt | wiêtokrzyskie Wenty and PiS now might be a scenario. Local services report that talks are ongoing and suggest that such a coalition will give the president better relations with Poviat authorities and the region, where PiS will govern.

Wenta himself commented on this issue today on ZET Radio. He stated that "a simple mathematical account shows" collaboration with members of the Citizens Coalition. – But we are also open to those who lead. PiS introduced 11 board members to the city. This should not be ignored – he said. He considered that "at the level of cities like that" as Kielce "there is no one-zero solution".

Local KOD protested against the coalition with PiS

Such a scenario is being protested by the Sacred Defense Democracy Committee. He appealed to the future president and requested "take a stand against the coalition in the Kielce City Council."

"We cannot imagine the situation that the Bogdan Wenty Project of the Holy Cross will work with the PIS party, which for three years has destroyed democracy in Poland, violated the Constitution, violated the powers of the three, gradually seized the freedom of citizens, is part of anti-identity will lead you, gradually centralizing Poland "

– we read in the statement. COD considers the option without ending the coalition and calls on the votes of council members to oppose certain voices "will not serve democracy and the interests of voivodship capital and its residents".


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