Friday , October 22 2021

Joanna Przetakiewicz confirmed the new relationship!


Since Joanna Przetakiewicz he became involved Jan Kulczyk, his emotional life is under the microscope of public opinion. Although the relationship did not last, a pair of unrefined rumors were created about this couple who had no reflection in reality, who lived their own lives long after each of them left in their own way.

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And although it has been a long-term business for Przetakiewicz for a long time (he has managed to run his own brand, he has also been involved in countless initiatives, including being one of Project Runway's judges, and also special guest of the 7th edition of the Top Model), This is a private area in his life that warms the imagination of the fans.

Joanna Przetakiewicz and Rinke Rooyens are partners

with Rinke Rooyens designers have been dating for a long time, but now the couple has decided to make their relationship public. Good news Przetakiewicz announced on his Instagram.

You write that I urge you to talk about your feelings and emotions, and I don't divide myself. We have no secrets now. We have taken a photo below now. Just for you. – Commenting on the post with a shot describing him in the company of a new child.

Judging from the number of comments, and within 4 days of publication, there were more than a thousand of them, the honesty of the designer and the relationship in general were welcomed with a very warm welcome.

In one interview, he also openly talked about new relationships from a broader perspective, namely, about the very warm reception of his new partner by his sons. If you believe the words, along with Rink, the designer managed to create a complete family again. The adult children of the stars are reported to be happy with the new situation, and five are regularly seen on Sunday family lunches.

All my friends love each other. We have created a very modern patchy family, today most of these modern families – commenting on one of the services they are interested in.

What do you think? Joanna Przetakiewicz and Rinke Rooyens are successful couples?

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