Monday , July 26 2021

Jan Singer, CEO of Victoria's Secret, left the company after the marketing chief's speech

Information about Jan Singer's resignation from Victoria's CEO's Secret function was given by Blommberg. According to the website, Jan Singer's decision will be interviewed by "Vogue" magazine Ed Razek, the company's marketing director, who also participated in the work of the team that chose costumes for brand fashion shows.

He said that Victoria's lingerie Secret wasn't for everyone – it was dedicated to a group of clients who were slim women in size 0. "I don't think that we could be everything to all customers. This is a specialist company, not a department store," said Ed Razek.

Meanwhile Jan Singer, since he took the position of CEO of Victoria's Secret, tried to change the perception of the brand and introduce it to the world of everyday fashion, for example by introducing cheap figs instead of lace bras.

In this field, Victoria's biggest competition Secret is companies such as Savage X Fenty Rihanna and ThirdLove, which position themselves as alternative clothing brands for women in various forms.

Information about the resignation of Jan Singer was not confirmed by L Brand, which owns the Victoria brand & # 39; s Secret.

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