Saturday , May 8 2021

Is the TVP crew scattered in Kampinos National Park? That can be a show crew

Kampinoski National Park
Author: Wojciech Traczyk

Is the mountain of garbage found by pedestrians in the landscape protection area of ​​Kampinos National Park belonging to the film crew of the television series "Ziuk. Młody Piłsudski"? This is indicated by materials and documents that disrupt the forest. One internet user was told about this case and posted photos of garbage collected on the internet. How did the TV series producer and Telewizja Polska comment?

The case on the popular social network was published by natural fan Jacek Baj who, while walking in Kampinos National Park, found a wild garbage dump. Among the waste found, he found material that showed that they had come directly … from the TVP series film crew!

– It didn't take long to find a trace, because immediately some documents were thrown in the eye, which turned out to be "calendars" from the first episode of the series "Young Piłsudski". Set is located nearby in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. I am far from showing the guilty person, but the first trace leads to the serial producer – we read in shocked Internet user entries.

An embarrassing finding in the National Park was commented on by "Ziuk" executive producer Jerzy Nagórski from Techfilm. – The schedule is without doubt ours. We don't avoid it. We are very sorry that this situation has arisen. Moreover, in the case of noble goals such as the implementation of series on important topics. As soon as this information reaches us, we discuss this issue. We have sent a request to the catering company that serves the plan. We do not know for now what the head of the catering arrangement is with the land manager. As you know, as a producer I don't personally throw garbage – said quoted.

The TVP serial producer added that "junk of course will be removed" and that they will do their best to "never make it happen again".


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