Saturday , May 8 2021

iPhone doesn't sell as well as possible – Apple limits production

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Oskar Ziomek

According to the latest information that appears on the web, the new iPhone, contrary to the initial assumptions, doesn't sell the same as Apple expected, and the problem is mainly concerning the cheapest and theoretically affordable XR models. According to sources where the Wall Street Journal refers, interest is so low that Apple is forced to limit its smartphone production.

As Reuters showed, manufacturers may have misjudged the number of components needed, partly because they offer a large number of iPhone models from the usual: XS, XS Max, and XR. According to information provided, Apple reduced the number of orders for XR models even 1/3. Changes also appear in the case of the iPhone XS and XS Max, although in this case they must be smaller.

Although this situation is certainly not favorable for Apple, it does show that a clear reduction in the number of orders can be very detrimental to individual component suppliers. Apple uses spare parts provided by many companies, so reducing the number of orders can affect more than one manufacturer.

Given the decline in interest in the iPhone, keep in mind that Apple recently announced that it is releasing regular information about the number of smartphones sold – suspicious users are wondering whether this change is not recommended in dealing with current problems with sales. Given the overall saturation of the smartphone market and the lack of interesting innovations in new models, it's not surprising that iPhone sales aren't high enough.

Let us remind you that the cheapest in the iPhone XR offer on the Polish market has been valued more than PLN 3700, and in turn the XS Max model in the version with the largest memory capacity can be paid for even more than 7 thousand. As a curiosity, it's good to add that even after spending that amount, users cannot use fast charging immediately. The right charger and cable must be purchased separately, spending several hundred zlotys again.

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