He entered because he asked the police to check the legality of BMW


The 38-year-old citizen of Chełm asked the police to check the legality of the car he wanted to buy. It turned out that the man was wanted, and the serial number of the car was not consistent with the documents – Lublin police report Wednesday.

According to police officers, on Tuesday the Chełmian 38 years asked constituents to help determine whether BMW wanted to buy came from a legal source. The officer who came to the place to check the car and the documents. It turns out that the BMW factory number is not compatible with what was included in the document.

The police also examined the man who asked for their help. It was revealed that he wanted to serve a two-month sentence for "crimes against justice".

"The police arrested the man and took him to prison on the same day, they also secured the car until there was a possible disturbance in the manufacturer's number," the police said.


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