Google assistant with dark themes. The initial version is now available for testers


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Mateusz Budzeń

The biggest visual novelty on Android Q is dark mode. Google intends to introduce it both throughout the system interface and in its own application. Therefore, darker colors must be available in the Chrome browser, Google Drive, and Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant is now available in Polish and you must admit that it promises to be very promising. However, like the American version or other versions, it doesn't match the upcoming Android Q. The main color is white.

9to5Google service informs about new products introduced in the Google application test edition (version 9.5). The selected beta user pays attention to the color change of the card in the Google Assistant – a card with a black background and white text appears. They are activated automatically when the power saving mode is active on your smartphone. The new display can also be triggered after the function has been changed Night mode forever included in the programmer option on Android Pie.

It should be noted that only answer cards accept new colors. However, the entire interface, along with balloons containing questions and backgrounds, remain in the old color. This may not be the last version of the dark theme for the Google Assistant. The final appearance must change in the final release.

Unfortunately, the dark mode deployment date to Google Assistant is unknown. It's possible that this will only happen around the Android Q premiere, which will take place in the summer.

Google Assistant in Poland

As I mentioned in the introduction and you probably know very well, Google Assistant is available in Poland. Most Android users should have access to it. If you want to know more, we invite you to our text. We have checked the capabilities of the Google Assistant, and we have prepared a list of voice commands that should be useful when driving a car.


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