Saturday , May 8 2021

Dominican & # 39; Wodzianka & # 39; Zasiewska is very angry! He revealed the whole truth about his affair with Rutkowski!

When in early November 2018, information appeared in the media that Dominican Zasiewska (28 years old), better known as & # 39; Wodzianka & # 39; from the Cuban show Wojewódzki, having an affair with the one paired with Maja Plich (33), Krzysztof Rutkowski (58).), the network is up. Now he decides to show pictures with detectives and reveals the whole truth about their relationship!

After an interview with Dominica appeared in the media, where he revealed that he was having an affair with an engaged star, detectives fans were waiting for his response.

He gave him only a week later, denying everything. In an interview with "Your Empire," he said it was absurd, but at the same time he did not hide that his fiance Maja Plich was just angry.

The couple had planned the wedding for some time, and news of the Rutkowski affair could destroy everything. Detective assured in an interview that everything was back to normal. Apparently, & # 39; Wodzianka & # 39; very touching Rutkowski's words, because if at first he didn't want to reveal the details of his affair, now there was no compromise.

On his profile on social media so far two photos have appeared where Krzysztof appeared. In one of them he held the Dominican on his thigh, while on the other side the Dominican affectionately embraced him. Under the photos, Zasiewska wrote such hashtags as "forbidden relationships", "big chimneys".

Dominica also quotes weekly words and adds comments to it:

"& # 39; Krzysztof Rutkowski is preparing for marriage with Maja Plich. Relations with Wodzianka are nonsense! As you can see in the attached picture, we are connected by business relationships and friendship." The whole situation only strengthened the relationship between Maja and Krzysztof. I assume that our date is after you issue this statement too. "

In his instastory, celebrities also announced that he was preparing for an interview where he would reveal the whole truth. After breaking the silence by Dominica, both Maja Plich and Rutkowski themselves did not take the floor.

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