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Black Friday Lidl 2018

Black Friday this year fell very early, because it was November 23. At the time of the big sale, there is less time left. Of course, this network also joined the Lidl network, which in previous years did not offer a one-day promotional campaign that lasted several days. Although it must be admitted that the first day sold on Black Friday 2018 at Lidl shares of the most attractive offers end.

Cosmetics at Lidl in a big promotion on Black Friday

Black Friday at Lidl
This year, Lidl also prepared an offer for Black Friday, the first sale began on November 13 in Lidu. Cosmetics are stored on promotional shelves. We can buy up to 100 different cosmetics at half the price.

This offer includes, among others:

  • Cream Cien Q10 – This is the best-selling Lidl throughout Europe. Buy two creams, the third will get half the price – PLN 4.99 / 50 ml / 1 pack.
  • Mouth masks with Pilaten collagen brand – PLN 1.99 / 7 g / 1 pack.
  • The black mask purifies and tension the Mediheal brand – PLN 8.99 / 25 ml / 1 pack.
  • Palmolive gel – two pieces – PLN 5.99 / 1 pack
  • Body Boom scrub – PLN 6.99 / 30 g / 1 pack

But in promotions on Black Friday at Lidl we will also find hair shampoos, antiperspirants, oral hygiene products and products from brands like Tołpa, Garnier, Wilkinson or Dove.

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As you might expect, Black Friday 2018 at Lidl will also be very popular. Last year there were some unpleasant incidents in Polish stores. Is Black Friday at Lidl an excuse for fuss and struggling for the latest training?

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Black Friday in Lidl 2018: GAZETKA

Every year, when Black Friday arrives at Lidl, this network bulletin is one of the most sought-after of all supermarkets. This is because Black Friday at Lidl is an attractive promotion, even though the product is not enough for everyone to want. Because of that, like the previous years, anytime Lidl will publish a bulletin on Black Friday 2018the customer will scan it to get a chance.

Black Friday in Lidl 2018

Lidl magazine last year on Black Friday mainly contained home-use products, from coffee makers, mops, drills and chairs. There are also electronic and computer games. Can we also find food in the Lidl newsletter on Black Friday 2018? This will change soon.

Black Friday 2018 Lidl

The biggest promotion on Black Friday 2018 at Lidl

Circular saws reduced by PLN 180? Automatic mops are cheaper by 30 percent? Smartphone for less than 400 PLN? Such promotions were offered by Lidl on Black Friday the previous year. How about this time?

Consider the huge popularity they enjoy promotional campaign at Lidl, Black Friday 2018 it must also be full of attractive sales and promotions. Maybe we can expect very expensive household and electronic equipment.

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