2018 local elections. Eight regional assemblies for PiS policies


– We hope that we will receive from four to five regional assemblies in the autumn local elections – announced at the end of July as an unknown advisor to Jarosław Kaczyñski by Gazeta Wyborcza.

However, the division of electoral plots turned out to be far more beneficial for PiS. The party won an independent majority in as many as six provinces – Podlasie, Lublin, Podkarpacie, Swietokrzyskie, ódê and Ma³opolska. In the other three (Silesian, Lower Silesia, Masovian) it had the best results, which opened opportunities for the coalition government.

On the other hand, the Civil Coalition plans to take power in ten regions where PiS does not win an independent majority. The message is simple – if Nowogrodzka cannot govern himself, he cannot rule at all.

This is a map of Poland post-election. PiS and opposition divide the voivodship parliament after the medium termThis is a map of Poland post-election. PiS and opposition divide the voivodship parliament after the medium term Image: Marta Kondrusik

Matecznik obtained

The first field of battle of the local government between the Right Union and the widely understood opposition was the Lower Silesia – the civil Platform Civil Platform and eyes at the head of chairman Grzegorz Schetyna. The post-election power system appeared in such a way that the Citizens Coalition (thirteen board members) and PiS (fourteen board members) had the opportunity to be in the region. The key is why the board of six parties from Independent Self-Governors, who have six mandates, will speak.

Those who from the beginning announced that they were open to talking to everyone, and what counted for them was just how much the area would get from a potential alliance. PiS did not waste the opportunity and sent reliable people in Lower Silesia – head of the Chancellor of Prime Minister Michał Dworczyk (he was responsible for all PiS negotiations after elections in the regions) and party vice president Adam Lipiński (head of party structures in Dolny Śląsk). Of course, with various political and business advantages that would persuade non-parties to form coalitions. The opposition is unable to keep pace in this race and the region is in good change.

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Victory prestige is not cheap. Non-bloc in exchange for a coalition with PiS, they accepted the post of marshal, who remained Cezary Przybylski, and two other seats in provincial management (positions of board members for Tymoteusz Myrda and Michał Bobowiec). This list of benefits does not mean ending. As the "Gazeta Wrocławka" was informed, the Independent Party negotiated from the government the number of impressive items, including:

  1. a reduction of 15%. copper tax (and the introduction starting April 1, 2019 from part of self-government including tax)
  2. extension of the toll road network in Dolny Śląsk towards Miêdzylesia (Wroc³aw – K³odzko – Miêdzylelsie – state border)
  3. construction of a technology park in Lubin
  4. construction of a new oncology hospital in Wrocław
  5. support for the construction of the Lower Silesian Sports Center at Glade Jakuszyce, Sport Center im. Irena Szewiñska in Lubin and the club stadium Górnik Nowe Miasto Wa³brzych

On the Polish political stage it is assumed that there is so much polarization that it is difficult to build an obscure coalition, and this agreement, which we have just concluded today, is proof that they think of every kindness of the population, Thinking about this region, you can work together on political division

– After signing a coalition agreement, Minister Dworczyk did not hide his happiness.

The Battle of Mazovia

The scenario from Lower Silesia can be repeated at Mazovia. In the largest and richest regions, this situation applies to the last hours before the first meeting of the newly elected regional council. The Citizens Coalition received eighteen seats here, and PSL eight. PiS – 24. The composition of regional councils is complemented by one member of the board of Non-Partisan Self-Government. Nowogrodzka is not enough to get along with Nonpartisans, and at least one board member from the PSL or the Citizens Coalition must be present.

This did not dampen PiS, who quickly began to stalk under the next board member. At Mazovia, the Sejmik party negotiations, apart from Minister Dworczyk, were also coordinated by the chairman of the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers Jacek Sasin and Senate Chair Stanis³aw Karczewski. The scheme is the same as in Dolny Śląsk – the promise of high political position and favorable position in state-owned companies.

– There is fear, there is uncertainty. They came to us – Gazeta.pl said in a modern policy with Gazeta.pl. And he added:

I know at least two members of the council themselves. One of them offers advice, the other – it's unknown. But I know a man and 99 percent. I am sure he will let them fall on the tree

What does "match" mean? The same speaker cited the following situation: – The colleague of the council had some professional problems recently and when the PiS people came to him with a transfer offer, they even knew debit on that account. This is not normal.

Senate Speaker Stanis³aw KarczewskiSenate Speaker Stanis³aw Karczewski Picture. Dawid Zuchowicz / Agencja Gazeta

PiS determination is confirmed by the story described by Onet. At the last meeting before the first meeting of the new council, the marshal Karczewski and minister Sasin personally came to one of the Baltic resorts where council members from the peasant party Leszek Przybytniak stayed. Karczewski had known him for years and it was he who dragged him to the "good change" camp. However, it is not free. Instead of transferring, Przybytniak, the apple producer known in Mazovia, will become deputy minister of agriculture in the fruit-growing sector. The problem is that the PSL board doesn't take advantage of the offer and PIS has to go around tastefully. Finally, the PSL Civil Coalition will rule in Mazovia, and Adam Struzik will remain the marshal.

"Why, you're curled up"

Not everywhere, the Citizens Coalition is as lucky as in Mazovia. An example from the Silesian council Wojciech Ka³u¿a is evidence that PiS proposals are difficult to reject. That was just before the first session of a new regional council whose colleagues from the Citizens Coalition were brought to the wind, supplying the PiS council club. Ka³u¿a's boss became very angry. Why? Because this one mandate does not have a "good change" camp to get power in the area (before the electricity system looks like the following: PiS has 22 seats, twenty KOs, two SLDs, and one PSL).

Why, you curse, you traitor! I hope that we will finish all bloody lips for this year

– shouted, according to the report "Dziennik Zachodni", MP Monika Rosa during the protest held in the magazine "Ka³u¿a, handed over the ticket". The behavior of MPs, although embarrassing, cannot be surprising. After all, he is responsible for verifying candidates for party letters. And Ka³u¿a is a "one" list of Citizens Coalition to the Silesia region council.

For his decision, he was awarded the position of deputy chairman of the regional council. – From personal conversations conducted by Ka³u³a, financial problems are expected to come into play. Pruszka should have told his friends that he was "formed" – said one of the Silesian deputies in an interview with Wirtualna Polska. In the same article we read that the benefits of the husband's transfer must also be given to Kaluga. It is estimated that he even became vice president of Jastrzêbska Spółka Węglowa.

First session of the Sejmik of Silesia Voivodship, Wojciech Ka³u¿a and Jakub Che³stowskiFirst session of the Sejmik of Silesia Voivodship, Wojciech Ka³u¿a and Jakub Che³stowski ANNA LEWAÑSKA

Citizens Coalition politicians do not hide their anger with the behavior of council members, the Ka³uża. They don't intend to let him go. Grzegorz Schetyna, President of Platforma Obywatelska, announced the submission of a notice to the prosecutor's office about "committing a crime in connection with political corruption against a board member elected to the Silesian council in the Wojciech Ka³u¿a Citizen Coalition letter".

Knocked Podlasie

Not everywhere, however, PiS runs well and smoothly as in Silesia and Lower Silesia. Surprise comes in Podlasie, in one of the biggest fortresses of PiS. In a 30-member parliament, PiS won sixteen seats and could govern independently. It seems that the choice of the marshal and the provincial council is pure formality.

Nothing is more wrong. During the first meeting of the new regional council, it turned out that the personnel instructions from the Political Committee of PiS were completely different from what the Podlaski council of the ruling party had promised its chief structure – deputy and former agriculture minister Krzysztof Jurgiel. The effect was that the council members rebelled and the chairman of the regional council was chosen by Karol Pilecki, supported by the Citizens Coalition and PSL.

Conference of Podlasie MPs and PiS (United Nations) to the Podlasie regional councilConference of Podlasie MPs and PiS (United Nations) to the Podlasie regional council AGNIESZKA SADOWSKA

It is true that the voivodship marshal, in accordance with Nowogrodzka's plan, was the head of the Białystok PiS structure, Artur Kosicki, but problems with provincial management remained. After party intervention, PiS board members will release all confusion during the third session of the regional council – November 29. That's when Pilecki council members will be dismissed from the presidency (Bogus³aw Dêbski will replace him). At the same meeting, the council members also elected deputy prime ministers and voivodship council members and regional council vice presidents.

PiS with a shield

The turmoil in the Podlasie should not overshadow the entire post-election picture of Poland. And this one is very useful for PiS. Nowogrodzka managed to get the best results (34.13%) in the history of local elections in the Third Republic. In the last analysis, it was permitted to obtain power in as many as eight provincial regional councils (twice as many as assumed in PiS until the summer of this year). For comparison, in the 2014-18 parliamentary period, PiS only came to power in the Podkarpacie.

Mastering half the regional council means that the ruling party will be stronger in what is called the region. The authorities in voivodships are, however, real jobs for party activists, real money for distribution and real political influence. In short, water for factories for party structures.

Finally, the political image issue for PiS is after local elections (and before European elections and national parliaments) are very important. The idea is to show that PiS has coalition capabilities and even if it is unable to govern independently, it can communicate with other formations. Examples of Silesia and Lower Silesia – although the opposition calls it political corruption – show that it is not possible to create sanitation safeguards around PiS. And this is the best news for President Kaczyński's party before multiple elections in 2019.

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