SmackDown WWE Results – Moderate Vince McMahon, 2 of 3 Main Falls Events, Randy Orton Returns, More


Welcome to our Live WWE Smackdown See a party. Tonight's show came from the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita.

– Tonight Royal Rumble WWE's SmackDown edition go-home is opened directly from the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas. Tom Phillips welcomed us. He joined Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

– We went straight to the ring and Becky Lynch came out to pop.

Becky took the mic as fans began to say his name. Becky said he was happy to go back to town. Becky said there was nothing he liked besides fighting in the ring but now he has something to say. Becky said there was nothing he liked rather than fighting in the ring but now he has something to say. He continued about how everyone has opinions about him and what he must do today. He said the only thing The Man had to do was the main event of WrestleMania. Fans mention his name again. And slapping the heads of all those who blocked his way. Becky said that the trip began in 5 days at the Royal Rumble. He carried Asuka Smackdown for Women The next champion, said he watched him clean the WWE NXT and then tap SmackDown. Becky said Asuka was one of the best in the world but he was better. Becky said Asuka never beat him for the title. Becky continued and said he would take The Empress. Distracting music and going out, Asuka.

Asuka hit the ring with the title and posed in the corner when Becky looked at him. Asuka raised the title on Becky's face and spoke some rubbish. Fans sang Becky's name as they faced in the middle of the ring. Charlotte Flair's music disturbs him and he comes. Flair spoke from the street and said as much as he enjoyed this and was excited for their match on Sunday, no one was more excited than when he threw 29 other women to win the Rumble. He mentioned the choice for WrestleMania 35 becomes Sasha Banks, RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey, Becky and Asuka. Flair reminded Asuka how she ended her performance last year at WrestleMania. Fans interfere with singing for Becky. Flair said that he had had a division for the past 4 years and he was the main event. Asuka attacked Becky from behind and defeated him. Flair watched as fans chanted a spell for Becky. Referees and producers run to break the commotion. Becky fought them and left for Asuka again on the floor. Asuka launched Becky to the barrier. Becky fought back and dropped Asuka. Becky threw Asuka on the announcement table now. Becky whipped Asuka with her jacket when the officers tried to break them up again. Becky jumped from the table announcing and bringing Asuka down again. Becky marched on the road when Asuka shouted and recovered. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see Asuka and Becky Lynch fighting backstage.

– The announcer took us to a video package about the dispute between Mandy Rose and Naomi.

Naomi vs Mandy Rose

We went to the ring and Naomi came out first. Mandy Rose comes out next with Sonya Deville.

Naomi meets Rose on the street and starts fighting with him. Naomi with a shot at the apron in front. Naomi carried it in the ring and the bell rang when Naomi concerning the Rear View. Rose looks to fight but Naomi drops and drops her. Rose goes to the floor to reunite with Deville. Naomi is seen from the ring. Return to commercial.

Return from the break and Rose missed the attack and Naomi dropped it with a kick to the head. Naomi was more offended when Deville saw. Rose turns it around for 2 counts. Rose stepped on Naomi now, then kicked her. Rose continued to control and dismantle Naomi in the corner now. Naomi returns with a kick to the head to drop Rose again.

Naomi stays on Rose and continues to attack. Naomi launches Rose in the ring. Rose sent Naomi to an apron. Deville tried to interfere after they distracted the referee. Naomi kicks Deville back to the ground but Rose takes advantage and crashes into the ring post. Cover the rose so the pin wins.

Winner: Mandy Rose

– After the match, Rose comes out of the ring to celebrate with Deville on the edge of the ring when the music hits. Naomi recovered and was seen as we went to replay. Jimmy Uso went down to examine his wife but Naomi's mood was bad.

– We went backstage to a promo from Rey Mysterio. He talked about the tools that he used before to stay alive on the Internet Royal Rumble and he wants to repeat history but tonight is about respect. He tried to show Andrade respect last week. Mysterio reveals that Zelina Vega will be barred from appearing on ringide tonight for match 2 of 3 Falls as a way to level the playing field. Rey says Andrade will study tonight that to get respect, you have to get it.

– We see Miz behind the stage warming up. Shane McMahon approached and asked if he was ready. Shane says let's do this and they head to the ring. We returned to the commercial.

The Miz vs. Cesaro

Returning from the break and coming out came The Miz with Shane McMahon. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar comes out next, Cesaro with Sheamus. We saw how last week's birthday party for Shane ended.

Sheamus distracted Miz from his apron when the bell rang and Cesaro took advantage, lowering Miz with a upper blow and defeating him. Cesaro continued to control and hit a large wrench slam. Cesaro taunts Shane now. Cesaro continues to take control and backbreaker for 2 counts. Miz is seen starting to feel offended now, taking Cesaro to the corner. Miz applies to Figure Four and applies it in the center of the ring. Cesaro broke it by taking the lower rope. Sheamus pulled Cesaro to a safe place but Miz followed. Miz was lowered from interference. Shane comes and the referee comes out to make sure Miz doesn't work together. We go to commercial.

Return from rest and they trade shots at their feet. Miz with a kick in the corner now as fans do "yes!" song. Miz ran and nailed the corner dropkick, and more. Shane was seen as Miz nailed a clothesline in the corner. Fans appear.

Miz went upstairs but Cesaro caught him on the road with a big blow for a close 2 after Shane helped from the apron. Sheamus ran and knocked Shane to the barrier. Miz took advantage of Cesaro who was diverted for 2 counts. Cesaro blocks Skull Crushing Finale. Sheamus punished Miz by rope while the referee was disturbed. Cesaro nailed The Neutralizer to win the pin.

Winner: Cesaro

– After the match, Shane attacked Sheamus on the edge of the ring and hit him. Cesaro rescues but Shane sends him to the ring. Fans sang a song for Shane. Shane unpacks the announced table and fans appear again. Shane goes upstairs to drop the elbow to Cesaro through the table but Sheamus comes from behind and pushes him. Shane landed hard on the floor, hitting the barrier. Boo fans. Miz went down again and The Bar came out to double Shane's team on the floor. Cesaro holds the level of Shane and Sheamus with the Brogue Kick. Bar put Miz on the announcement table now. Bar lifted Shane and moved him to Miz, placing them both on the announcement table. Fans booed The Bar as they raised the title over Shane and Miz, which were placed above what was left of the announcement table. Ba celebrated backwards when officials and medical staff checked The Co-Besties. The announcer plays the seriousness of the situation.

– Tom takes us to a video package about Samoa Joe's attack on Mustafa Ali last week. The video contained words from Ali, who said Joe's eyes told him that he was worried about being in the ring with Ali, that Ali was just a message for everyone at Rumble, that Ali was nothing. Ali wanted Joe to stand up and look directly into his eyes now. Ali continued on how he had a purpose and no fear. Ali says he can beat Joe.

– We see the medical officer checking Shane and Miz at ringside. Vince McMahon is shown watching backstage. We got another test of what The Bar did. We saw Vince watching again when Miz stood up. Return to commercial.

– Come back from the break and come out, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Greg Hamilton who introduced.

Vince said he would comment on what had just happened to his son and The Miz in the hands of The Bar. Vince said it would be a fierce match on Sunday at Rumble. Vince participated in the WWE Title match between AJ Styles and champion Daniel Bryan for the Rumble. Vince introduced the first AJ and came out he came to a pop. Vince introduces Bryan next and the WWE Champion comes out.

Bryan is outside and Vince asks him to enter. Bryan said he did not fall into the trap and refused to come into the ring with a sociopath. Bryan said how AJ attacked him in the meeting room last week. Bryan continued and said he could not let AJ take the title from him. Bryan says AJ uses his strength to gain fame and money, while he uses his strength for greater good. AJ asks if the greater good is Bryan coming here and talking like a fool. Bryan said AJ never made fans think or feel guilty about their actions, which should make them feel bad every day. Bryan did not care about their feelings because he was not a Champion of the People, he was Champion of the Planet. Bryan continues to use his platform to become the voice of the planet. AJ mentioned how Bryan didn't ride his bicycle to the arena tonight, he boarded a plane like AJ and the word for it was … changing.

AJ continues about how Bryan was afraid of him, afraid of what would happen in 5 days at Rumble. AJ says Bryan has ruined his character for one thing – WWE title. But what happens when AJ takes one thing from Bryan, what will he leave? There is no. Bryan quoted Carl Sagan but Vince interrupted. Vince says he's sick of this, Bryan goes into the ring. Fans appear and "yes!" the song starts. Bryan said of course Vince didn't want to listen to this because Vince and the whole generation of Baby Boomers are big parasites in the world. Bryan continued on how the generation of Vince did nothing but take. And people still submit to it for that. Bryan continues about Vince hoarding WWE's wealth, and AJ until Vince interrupts, telling him to enter the ring. Fans appear for Vince again. AJ said that he knew Vince advertised a direct meeting with AJ and Bryan, and if that was what he wanted, it didn't have to happen in the ring. AJ leaves after Bryan and defeats him. They fight and AJ sends Bryan to the steel ladder. AJ takes him and goes to the stepping stone with Phenomenal Forearm. Bryan puts Vince on the road. AJ brakes. Bryan goes around Vince and drops AJ with his knees. Boo fans. Bryan retreated to the stage with the title in the air when the music was playing.

– R-Truth is backstage with Carmella, talking about going to Rumble man at # 30. The truth says he will win and then face AJ Styles or Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35. Carmella asked about WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar but Truth did not want to be taken to Suplex City. The truth mentions the possibility of going for WWE Cruiserweight Champion Bobby Murphy. Carmella corrected it, reminding him that it was Buddy Murphy. They joked about the 205 pound weight limit until Charlotte Flair interrupted. They have words about Rumble women. Carmella says she's # 30 and nobody passes it. Flair says that he is confident because he is Charlotte Flair and is on his way to WrestleMania up for grabs, he'll be like a tornado.

Samoa Joe vs. Mustafa Ali

We go to the ring and get out Samoa Joe. Return to commercial.

Returning from rest and coming out Mustafa Ali. The bell rings and Joe hits first. Joe unpacked and they ended up on the floor. Joe tried to send Ali to the ring post again but Ali replied and fought again. Ali brought him back into the ring and continued to attack. Ali with a shot in the corner now. Joe dropped it with big pieces from the corner.

Joe attacks in the corner but fails. Ali continued and tried to jump but Joe knocked it out of the air. Ali landed on the floor and we returned to the commercial.

Return from the break and Joe takes Ali to the corner and defeats him. Joe spoke some rubbish when Ali crawled towards him. Ali returned fire and fought back. Joe stormed Ali in the corner and dropped it with a kick for a count of 2. Joe continued to control and missed the corner when Ali moved. Ali continued and dropped Joe first on the mat. Ali dropped Joe twice, sending him out of the ring. Ali ran a rope and nailed a big suicide dive. Joe stumbled. Ali accused but Joe backgrounded him to the timekeeper area. Ali jumped from the barrier and dismantled Joe when the referee counted.

Joe brought him back to the ring but Ali kicked him. Ali with a pair of superkicks. Ali with DDT a big tornado for 2 counts. Ali dragged Joe and went to the top for 054. Joe ran and cut it. Joe with the Coquina Clutch now, takes Ali to the mat with the handle applied. Ali knocked to give Joe victory.

Winner: Samoa Joe

– After the match, Joe stood tall on Ali when the music hits.

– We saw Andrade behind the stage warming up for the main event. Return to commercial.

– Back from rest and announcer hype Royal Rumble on Sunday.

– Kayla Braxton is backstage with The New Day. He asked if they would eliminate each other on Sunday in a Rumble match. They say everyone asks this every year – Renee Young, Mike Rome and now Kayla. Who is next, Tony Chimel? Chimel really shows up and asks them but they make him leave. They continued about when one of them won Rumble, they all won. Kofi Kingston has a big idea for Rumble but he hasn't revealed it yet.

2 of 3 Falls Match: Rey Mysterio vs Andrade

We went to the ring for the main event tonight and first came Rey Mysterio. Andrade came out next alone because Zelina Vega was banned from ringide for this match.

The bell rings and Andrade attacks first with a kick. Andrade fights Rey, but Rey turns it over and sends him out of the ring. Rey jumped from floor to floor, launching Andrade with hurricanrana for pop music. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Rey dropped Andrade with a big kick. Rey flies with a guard sitting and looks to guard the attack but Andrade drops it out of the air and covers for 2 counts. Rey blocked Hammerlock DDT and hit the Canadian Destroyer for 2 close counts. Andrade captures the movements of the turnbuckles and blankets for 2 counts. Rey went to the second rope but Andrade fought back and took his left knee. Andrade went upstairs but Rey pulled out his leg now. Rey shook Andrade and climbed. Rey repositioned Andrade and trained him. Andrade fought back and put Rey on his shoulder but Rey fought, still above. Rey goes for super hurricanrana but Andrade counter. The sequence ends with Andrade hitting a super-large powerbomb from above. Andrade held it for the first pinfall.

We got a replay when Rey recovered and fans said "this is amazing!" now. Andrade finally stood up when the referee examined Rey following a large powerbomb. Rey finally got up. Andrade is right to work for him. Andrade with the powerbomb sitdown from the upper rope slingshot. Rey kicks in at 2. Andrade chooses another Powerbomb but Rey replies with another Destroyer. Rey cover for second pinfall. We get a replay and go to the commercial with both Superstars coming down.

Return from the break and Rey finally sends Andrade to the barrier outside. Rey with enziguri and they both fall to the floor when the referee counts. Rey makes it back into the ring. Rey runs the rope and slides out, turning it into a powerbomb for Almas to become a barrier. The referee left to check on Andrade. Rey takes bottled water and cools himself when the referee counts. Rey brings Andrade back into the ring.

Rey jumped and turned it into a big West Coast Pop. Andrade is still kicking in 2. Fans sing for 619 now. Andrade the counter and apply the armbar to the rope. The referee counts to 5 and Andrade breaks it. Andrade sends Rey arm-first to the turnbuckle now. Andrade mocked Rey and WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero as a fan of boo. Rey fights back and tries to snatch Andrade from his apron to the floor but Andrade lands on his feet. Andrade returned and launched Rey into the ring. Andrade takes him back into the ring and hits the DDT Hammerlock but Rey gets his foot on the bottom rope at the last moment.

Andrade drops Rey into the Fujiwara armbar now. Rey fought back, but Andrade tightened the grip and focused on the arm. More back and forth between the two now. Andrade counter and covers for 2 counts. Rey resisted the movement and kicked the big hurricanrana upside down. Andrade kicked out on 2. Rey flew and dropped Andrade to position for 619. Rey hit him when fans appeared. Rey waits to jump off the apron but Samoa Joe runs down and takes him to an apron to be disqualified.

There is no contest

– After the bell, Joe enters the ring and issues Andrade as a fan of Boo. Joe took Rey back into the ring and used Coquina Clutch when the referee tried to make him break it. Joe broke the handle and stood on Rey. We go to replay. Joe takes the mic and says he warns everyone that he came to make a statement. Joe says what we see in the ring tonight is exactly what he will do for the other 29 Superstars at Royal Rumble on Sunday. Because of his name Samoa Joe … Randy Orton came out of nowhere with a big RKO out of nowhere. Fans appeared when Orton got excited. We went to replay as Orton music hits. Orton poses at the corner as the last Smackdown before Royal Rumble out of the air.


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