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Real life "Glorious": 5 celebs of women who are at least 20 years older than their partners


Ai Ai delas Alas believes this is about the story of the time about older women in relationships reaching mainstream popularity, so the viral hit which was the "Glorious" trailer was welcomed by screen veterans, themselves with partners decades younger than him.

Veteran screen Ai Ai of Alas class and Gerald Sibayan's husband has a difference in age of 28 years. Instagram: @msaiaidelasalas

Delas Alas is almost 54 years old, while her husband, Gerald Sibayan, 25 years old, made their age difference of almost three decades.

A similar situation is described in "Glorious," starring Angel Aquino and Tony Labrusca – one of the first original films to be made for the updated ABS-CBN iWant streaming service.

"Yes! 50 is the new 20! Super connects us," delas Alas told, quoting the slogan from trailer viral film. "Could it be that afternoon, maybe the film is na ganyan. Come on, bro?"

In one of the scenes shown on the trailer, Aquino and Labrusca's characters openly discuss how outsiders see their relationship, including about eliminating older women. They agreed that did not happen.

"Meron trades pag-ibig na hindi lang pera-pera," said Alas. "Hindi is an evil place, pag may be edad" yung lalaki o babae, pera na agad. Puwede is the nagmamahalan din, ‘ba?"

Delas Alas and Sibayan are not the only showbiz couples where a woman occurs much older than her male partner. In the photo, the following is a display of other "Glorious" couples, past and present, with at least 20 years of age difference:

Age difference: 29 years


Age difference: 38 years

Previously in a relationship

The late comedian was 65 and his ex-girlfriend, 27, when they broke up at the end of 2013 after more than a year being a couple. Tia Pusit, whose real name is Myrna Villanueva, died in 2014. Photo file, ABS-CBN News

Age gap: 27 years

In a relationship

The "Pacmom" is 65 and his girlfriend, 38, when they became public with their relationship in 2014. They seem to be together four years later, with Yamson recently seen with Pacquiao at his 69th birthday party last year. Photo file, ABS-CBN News

Age difference: 24 years


After the tumultuous years as a couple, celebrity doctors, 62 and 38 each, finally settled in 2017 with a luxurious wedding in Paris. They have one daughter together, Scarlet Snow. Instagram: @dochayden

Age gap: 22 years


The former sexy player and her husband, featured in a co-stars photo "Ang Probinsyano", recently made headlines after being cast at the top of teleserye, thanks to Mystica's viral call to star Coco Martin for a comeback opportunity. Facebook: Ruby Villanueva

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