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Palace will not interfere in ruling Marcoses – The Manila Times

MALACAÑANG vowed to respect the rule of law and not interfere with justice after Sandiganbayan's decision to throw away one more case of unjust wealth against Marcoses.

Palace spokesman Salvador Panelo said the executive would allow an equal branch, the judiciary, to exercise its independence.

"Administration does not interfere with justice," Panelo said in a short message.

"The rule of law must always apply in court regardless of who it is. Their decision must be given respect and obedience, "he added.

The Panelo statement came after the Fourth Division Sandiganbayan rejected a third civil case against former president Ferdinand Marcos, his wife Imelda, and the Fe and Ignacio Gimenez pair.

P267.37 million civil cases were dumped reported because of insufficient evidence.

The anti-corruption court ruled that there was a "flaw" in pieces of evidence against the respondent.

"It is clear that defects in the evidence presented by the Republic prevented him from successfully pursuing the current civil appropriation case," Sandiganbayan said.

The anti-corruption court noted that some of the photocopied pieces of evidence were so poorly quality that the letters and numbers written therein could not be read.

The court said it was impossible to distinguish the points that the prosecutor wanted to sue.

"As a result, even if this exhibition defect is ignored, little or no proof value can be given to them," Sandiganbayan added.

Earlier this month, Sandiganbayan Second Division dismissed a P1,052 billion bad wealth case involving Marcosis and was suspected of being a puppet also because of insufficient evidence.

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