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Nike Kyrie 6 is now available at PHL

LATEST iteration of the superstar keeper of the National Basketball Association of Kyrie Irving for Nike is now available in the local market, including a special "Manila" color line that stands to celebrate the Filipino passion for basketball.

Officially shipped today, the Manila color line from Kyrie 6, which is part of the Preheat Collection, will be available in limited quantities at certain Titan and Nike retailers.

Like the last two editions of the shoe line, Kyrie 6 puts forward the style and personality of the NBA All-Star, who now plays for the Brooklyn Nets after spending the previous two seasons with the Boston Celtics.

Kyrie 6 boasts new and well-known features to improve one's game.

New is the Traction 360 handle that helps one feel faster and more connected to the court. The micro texture on the top of the front legs extends that connection during extreme banking.

It features luxurious foam, or optimal cushion, and subtle toe feel at the heel while midfoot straps offer increased stability and arch support.

Familiar is Mr. personal and spiritual connection. Irving's designs, including the physician's hands, all seeing eyes, number 11 and his spell "are hungry and humble."

"The enthusiasm and unlimited passion of the Philippines for this game are celebrated through the lenticular side of the uniquely designed court that you find tucked away in a smaller neighborhood in Manila. The picture inspired by the Philippine flag is displayed on the left strap and to mark the Philippines, the right rope offers the letter 'PH', "Nike said, in its release, the Manila color line from Kyrie 6.

The Nike Kyrie 6 is sold at P6,745 with the "Jet Black" colorway to be released on November 22. – Michael Angelo S. Murillo

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