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Is Prince Harry Really a Rascal 'and Refuses to Consult with the Royal Family About Lawsuit?

On October 1, Prince Harry published an eager statement on the official website of the Sussex kingdom. The letter was addressed to the public, explaining why he and Meghan Markle sued the Daily Mail, one of the most powerful newspapers in the UK, due to Markle's negative coverage that continued throughout her pregnancy after giving birth.

There are reports that Prince Harry has "become naughty" by publishing this letter and possibly launching this lawsuit without the knowledge or advice of his father, Prince Charles, and his brother, Prince William. And maybe even without consulting the queen.

A BBC reporter pointed to "anger and pain" and that Prince Harry would "not be interested in hearing such cautionary advice." The Sun printed comments saying that Prince Harry was "too emotional" and "monumental misjudgment." But is that a realistic round?

Prince Harry's lawsuit had long appeared

Prince Harry visits the residence of the British High Commissioner in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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The Daily Mail has been carrying out dirty campaigns which are misleading against the Duchess of Sussex for more than a year, expressing negative comments that are unpleasant and often tinged with prejudice and stories designed to show him in a bad light. Prince Harry was upset with these attacks and had publicly defended him in the past through the same Sussex channel so that the suggestion that the lawsuit and letter had been carried out without the knowledge or approval of the royal family was highly unlikely.

That's not the way the royal family does things. The royal family did not underestimate the law suit and neither did their legal counsel. This lawsuit is almost certainly months in the making because Mail constantly attacks Duchess Meghan with negative and misleading stories and considers that the incident highlighted occurred six months ago. The royal family probably understood that Prince Harry loved Markle, and supported his defense of him.

Revealing the handwritten letter was the last thing for Prince Harry

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After months of continuous negative press about Markle, taking advantage of maternity leave during her pregnancy with Baby Archie, the last straw was February 3, 2019 which printed a handwritten letter to her estranged father. For a little background: Markle's stepbrother and estranged father have received paid interviews to smear it. His stepbrother also wrote a destructive book which accused Duchess Meghan of being a superficial social climber, among others.

The Duchess of Sussex has tried to improve relations, especially with her father whom she invited to marriage despite false reports that her mother was the only family she invited. At the urging of the Daily Mail, Meghan's father, Thomas Markle, published a handwritten letter he wrote shortly after the wedding. The letter expressed their alienation and Markle's sadness over his choice to continue the negative press against him.

And, according to Prince Harry, only a few parts of the letter were displayed to hide the fact that Mail had lied to create their negative press campaign.

Why is this letter important in a lawsuit?

In the UK, there is a very strong stigma against people with estranged family members, because there is an emphasis on family attachment no matter how damaging or painful their actions are. Insight from NBC News shows that this letter was probably published by the Daily Mail as an attempt to show Markle in another corner of the negative light – as a callous family caller.

Duchess Meghan reportedly did invite her father to the wedding and she chose not to attend. He blamed his health, despite the fact that arrangements could be made.

Why Prince Harry is so upset

As you might remember, and as Prince Harry's reminder said, his mother was Princess Diana who was famously killed when being chased by a tabloid reporter. It is perfectly understandable why the words and emotions behind his statements are so excited, hurt, and even angry with the tabloid press.

The same "power" that is thought to have caused the tragic death of his mother is now targeting his wife, a woman who has done nothing wrong but to leave distance between herself and unsupportive family members. The family members in question are those who have reversed their opinions about themselves and chose to smear them in the media to get money many times.

The queen and the royal family support Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were strongly supported by the royal family. The queen is known to like Markle and supports marriage. The couple also had a good relationship with Prince Charles and Prince William.

The royal family does not file lawsuits lightly. The demands of this Daily Mail and statements that explain the possibility have been months in the making, especially considering that the letter was reissued in February. This is not a fake decision, even though the emotion is definitely real.

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