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CHR probes Baguio college requires pregnancy tests on female students »Manila Bulletin News


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The Human Rights Commission (CHR) on Wednesday began an investigation into a controversial memorandum from Pines City College (PCC) in Baguio City that required pregnancy tests to students.



"CHR is concerned about documents circulating on the internet that indicate Pines City College's mandatory pregnancy test policy is not only about the possibility of violations of the MCW (Magna Carta of Women) but also other women's rights especially in the right to privacy and autonomy of the body," CHR spokesman Jacqueline de Guia said in a statement.

"Women and girls should not be denied training and full of enjoyment of basic rights, they should not suffer negative consequences in education and work space just because they are pregnant," de Guia added.

De Guia added that pregnancy does not determine a person's capacity as a student. "The deregulation and commercialization policies in education that give unfair determination and too high and dubious collection of costs must be canceled."

"As Ombud Gender, the Commission through the CAR office (Cordillera Administrative Region) is investigating the case of the motu propio, in accordance with the legal process of the institution and verifying the existence of the policy."

Memorandum signed by PCC school doctor Dr. Aurelia Navarro and vice president for administration Maria Regina Prats requires the deans and heads of the Department of Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy to ask their female students to undergo a mandatory pregnancy test this week.

The agency, in a statement late Tuesday, said that PCC adhered to the policy of pregnancy testing for female students enrolled in programs such as Dentistry, Roentgenology, Anesthesiology, and Endodontics, which "would endanger the mother and child."

"This is a policy approved by our students after their registration at this institution," he said.

"We believe it is a policy that protects our students while they are in our care and is mobilized for hospital internships and clinical practice."

A copy of the memorandum circulated on social media on Tuesday on Facebook that attracted flaws from netizens.

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