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Can Kylie Jenner's Terrible 2019 Get Worse?

This year is very difficult for Kylie Jenner. He lost two close relationships and has struggled with a lot of pressure. It's come to the point that fans are worried about the stars and their future.

Can he survive to the end? Here is a brief description of why 2019 is so difficult for Jenner and whether it is likely to improve.

Kylie Jenner has to cut ties with her BFF

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott on the red carpet
Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner | Image of Tommaso Boddi / Getty for Netflix

Perhaps the hardest part of 2019 for Jenner is losing her best friend, Jordyn Woods. Back in February, Woods was caught making out with Tristan Thompson. At that time, Thompson was in a relationship with Jenner's sister, Khloe Kardashian.

The couple even shared a daughter, True who was 1 year old. For Woods to involve himself with the man Kardashian tried to build in the future was a big blow to his relationship with Jenner.

Before the scandal, Jenner and Woods were inseparable. Woods lives on Jenner's property, at the guesthouse, and is often given expensive gifts, such as a new car and Cartier bracelet.

In addition, Woods was allowed to build on his fame through his relationship with Jenner, by frequently appearing on Jenner's reality shows. BFF even has a suitable tattoo.

However, just as Jenner loves Woods, he must support his brother first. And when the scandal broke, that meant breaking ties with Woods. Even though Jenner got a lot of support from her family, it's always hard to lose friends, whatever the conditions.

Kylie Jenner parted ways with Travis Scott amid fraudulent rumors

Another incident that destroyed Jenner was her separation from Travis Scott. The couple has been together for more than two years and they share a daughter, named Stormy.

News of their split broke out earlier this month. TMZ reported that the couple had tried to make something to work for a while, but could not find happiness, so they took a break from each other, for now.

Rumors that Scott had an affair with Jenner with the Instagram model, which uses the name YoungSweetRo, quickly spread among their fans. However, everyone involved denied the rumor. Scott pleaded not guilty by posting to his Instagram story.

"I ta [sic] really influences when you see fake things saying about you once again false stories about me cheating are not true, "he wrote.

YoungSweetRo also shared his story on Instagram. "None of these rumors are true, it's only the internet that creates false narratives," he wrote.

Even Jenner claimed the report was wrong. On his Instagram account, Jenner implies that the couple has a "good relationship," and that they focus on friendship and their daughter, Stormi.

Sources close to the couple told E! News that the split was caused by constant fighting and their stressful lifestyles.

But even without cheating, separation is difficult, especially when children are involved. It must have been very difficult for Jenner to go through this experience.

Can 2019 be worse for Kylie Jenner?

2019 has been a very difficult year for Jenner. Unfortunately, things can always get worse. However, there are less than two months left this year, and it is unlikely that a major event will occur.

Jenner has lost two very important people in his life. But he did get a lot of support from those left behind, including his family. The Kardashian clan was very close and Jenner was fortunate to have their support.

In addition, Jenner is a billionaire, who spent more than a million dollars on five birthday parties for himself this year. He may be having a hard time in his personal life, but he doesn't need to worry about how he will pay rent. And it is a stressful situation that makes many people around the world don't have the luxury to be left behind.

So when he's having a hard time, it's hard to feel sorry for him.

Hopefully, 2020 will be a better year for Jenner, and most likely it will.

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