Monday , July 26 2021

YouTube Music, how it works

How does the YouTube Music application work?

The functions and interface of new applications are similar to those of competitors. There is a free mode, with advertisements between reproduction, and a $ 16.90 subscription, which removes advertisements and allows downloads.

Other exclusive resources for customers are browsing in the background, old requests from YouTube users on mobile devices.

This mode allows you to listen to music while browsing in other applications or with the screen blocked, which will not be possible in a no-cost version, with the commercial option of the company.

DJ Algorithm

The new thing that was promised was the use of data from user accounts on Google to make personalized suggestions through artificial intelligence.

Through locations, for example, the application can identify that listeners are in the academy and recommend songs that are suitable for music.

This tool is developed based on the perception of what has happened in the video application on YouTube.

In it, according to Google, about 80% of music playback is made by suggestions from tool algorithms, where the user's reproductive history is analyzed.

YouTube has also launched the Premium version, which costs $ 20.90. Packages include background playback, access to original productions and YouTube Music services, as well as removing advertisements and allowing videos to be downloaded.

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