University Student: He lost his daughter 15 days ago and is now a champion Samuel Eugenio | Federation Cup | Minors | Peruvian football | Sports


The biggest blow to parents is, without a doubt, losing a child. Some consider it unnatural, a child must be safe from parents, so should be. However, this is not a story about Samuel Eugenio, former player and coach of the minor division at Universitario 2001 category.

About two weeks ago, "Butcher", because he was known as this strong CaƱetano defender, lost his daughter. The pain of losing could make him unfocused, but he went ahead and, with this achievement, he could send his respect.

After the match with Deportivo Municipal, and after the championship was won, the youth cream, of whom were sons of Mauro "El Toro" CantoroThey approach their coach, whom they support and appreciate.

Eugenio, which is considered the Best Technician of Federation Cup In 2011, he was interviewed by the club press and assured that "I dedicated this title to my daughter. 15 days ago my daughter died. He left me a beautiful granddaughter, I knew he saw me and celebrated with me ".


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