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Universitario vs Cantolao LIVE Movistar ONLINE GOL Peru CMD Watch Free U vs Cantolao Clausura League 1 hour Peru TV channel guide Live Sports YouTube Summary VIDEO

University of Sports vs Cantolao LIVE Movistar Sports ONLINE GOL Peru for the Closing of the Movistar League 1 Tournament | The 'Cream' will try to secure three points against the 'Dolphins' It's Saturday, October 26 (8:00 p.m. Peru Time) at the Monumental Stadium to stay on top of the table Clausura Tournament from League 1 Movistar 2019. Follow MINUTES x MINUTES track INTERNET by

University vs Cantolao LIVE | Minute by minute



45 '+ 1' Try Cantolao! Lasso was pushed from outside the penalty box, but his shot was directed towards the middle, easily captured by Carvallo.

45 & # 39; One extra minute.

43 ' Yellow for Rengifo (Cantolao) for pretending, at the discretion of the referee, to have violated Carvallo on the edge of the penalty area.

42 ' A great collective game from the University with De la Cruz playing first with Vasquez, his team wants to allow Correa with another first pass, but that is not the right service and Mogollón manages to intercept the ball.

37 ' The university deepened with Vasquez on the left, the side reached the bottom line and took a pass back, Correa let it pass and Alejandro Hohberg looked free in the area to determine position in front of Nicosia.


36 ' University ownership, but without breaking the line before the withdrawal of a good rival.

32 ' UFFF! Rengifo's face in the area, releasing one, but could no longer with the second waiting for him and then blocking his shot.

30 ' Central to the area, Carvallo was late and Sebastián La Torre anticipated with a good header.


29 ' Lack of Quina from behind against La Torre. Free kick for Cantolao.

27 & # 39; Cantolao Opportunity! Good pressure from Rengifo against Carvallo forced the University goalkeeper to divide, the visit restored the ball and Castillo was pushed from the middle with a high shot.

24 ' Yellow for La Torre (Cantolao).

22 ' One Cantolao formula for endangering Universitario is a long ball for Lasso. Thus, a very clear opportunity came with the Colombian reaching the bottom line and taking feedback that failed to take advantage of La Torre.

18 ' A good Cantolao withdrawal to close the road to the University and cut the lane.

15 ' What does Carvallo do! High pressure from Cantolao, the University goalkeeper wanted to play low, but his pass was very weak and forced Quina to improve under Lasso's pressure.

12 ' Quina won straight after the indirect free kick, but Central University was one step ahead.

11 ' UFFF! La Torre defeated Velarde directly with an aerial ball, aiming for the ball, but failed to hit it with his left hand.

10 ' Yellow for Alfageme (University) for violating La Torre.

9 ' Hohberg was very inaccurate in this match. A bad bait when Quina finds it between the line and the ball that goes through it when they find it along the chalk line.

7 ' University Event! Barreto's big recovery, Correa played with De la Cruz on the edge of the penalty area, the young player cut in and made a corner, but failed to give much strength and Nicosia's catch without problems.

5 ' Yellow for Guarderos (University) to claim.

4 ' De la Cruz's poor control when Velarde played a vertical pass, but the University applied good post-loss pressure to avoid getting caught.

2 ' UFFF! The long ball from Velarde to Vásquez, spun on the edge of the penalty area for the arrival of Hohberg, who slapped the ball and almost shocked Nicosia.

0 & # 39; Start the match at Monumental.

University vs Cantolao LIVE | Formation confirmed

University: Carvallo, Corzo, Velarde, Quina, Vásquez, Alfageme, Guarderas, Barreto, De La Cruz, Hohberg and Correa.

Cantolao: Nicosia, Hair, Contreras, Mogollón, Jasaui, Diego Ramírez, Atoche, Castillo, Lasso, La Torre, Rengifo.


Tonight before Cantolao Academy, The University of Sports have the first final of the five remaining matches to complete Clausura Tournament. Three points is an obligation to extend excellence with Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal and thus begin to caress the title. With everything!

Ángel David Comizzo, a University of Sports technician, prepared many of these commitments and took preventative measures. He knows that "Dolphins", a name known as the Cantolao Academy, has a reputation of spoiling its party with the greatness of Peruvian football, so he will respect 4-3-3 for giving him balance in defense and explosion. in attack

Jersson Vásquez recovered in a short time from plantar fasciitis and today begins at the University of Sports. With this, Nelinho Quina becomes the center that will accompany Brayan Velarde. In the first line of the leaflet there was no opposing news Cantolao. Extreme will continue to be Paolo De La Cruz and Alejandro Hohberg.

The only doubt he played in the University of Sports offensive. Yesterday, Comizzo tested Gary Correa for a while and then Anthony Osorio. He announced that he would only decide a few hours after the match against Cantolao.

What time do you play LIVE University Sports vs Cantolao | Peru GOL Peru Time

Peru: 8.00 p.m.
Mexico (Central): 7:00 a.m.
Mexico (Pacific, Sonora): 6,00 p.m.
Mexico (Northwest): 7.00 p.m.
Ecuador: 8.00 p.m.
United States of America (Los Angeles): 6,00 p.m.
United States of America (Texas): 8.00 p.m.
United States of America (Miami): 7.00 p.m.
Colombia: 8.00 p.m.
Argentina: 10:00 a night
Spain: 2.00am (Sunday, October 13)
Spain (Canary Islands): 1,00am (Sunday, October 27)
Uruguay: 10:00 a.m.
Paraguay: 10:00 a.m.
Chile: 9:00 a night
Brazil: 11:00 a night
Bolivia: 9:00 a.m.
Venezuela: 9.00 a night
Canada: 9:00 a night
Costa Rica: 7.00 p.m.
Guatemala: 7.00 p.m.
Honduras: 7.00 p.m.
El Salvador: 7.00 p.m.
Puerto Rico: 9.00 a night
Dominican Republic: 9.00 a night
Panama: 8.00 p.m.
Italy: 2.00am (Sunday, October 27)
France: 2.00am (Sunday, October 27)
Germany: 2.00am (Sunday, October 27)
Portugal: 2.00am (Sunday, October 27)
Netherlands: 2.00am (Sunday, October 27)
United Kingdom: 1.00am (Sunday, October 13)

Which channel will broadcast LIVE University vs Cantolao | TV channel guide

Peru: GOL Peru and Sports Movistar.
Colombia: GolTV Latin America.
Chile: GOL Peru, Movistar Deportes and GolTV Latin America.
Argentina: GolTV Latin America.
Bolivia: GolTV Latin America:

How to watch GOL Peru LIVE University vs Cantolao | TV Channels Guide

GOL Peru Movistar TV (Satellite): Channel 114 (SD) and Channel 814 (HD).
GOL Peru Movistar TV (Cable): Channel 14 (SD) and Channel 714 (HD).
GOL Peru Star Globalcom: Channel 14.

Where to watch Movistar and CMD LIVE University vs Cantolao | TV Channels Guide

Movistar Deportes Peru (Satellite): Channel 103 (SD) and Channel 803 (HD).
Movistar Deportes Chile (Satellite): Canak 786.
Peruvian Movistar Deportes (Cable): Channel 3 (SD) and Channel 703 (HD).
Movistar Sports Star Globalcom: Channel 3.
Movistar TV Chile (IPTV): Channel 786.

When to watch Peruvian Magical Movistar TV LIVE University vs Cantolao | Channels of Chile and the United States

Chile Movistar TV: Channel 432
Venezuela Movistar TV: Channel 432
DirecTV United States: Channel 431.
Star Globalcom: Channel 16 and Channel 100.
Chile Movistar TV: Channel 432.

Where to watch GOL TV Latin America LIVE University vs Cantolao | Channel

Movistar TV: Channel 510 (SD) and Channel 743 (HD).
Tigo UNE Colombia: Channel 121.
Chile VTR: Channel 163 (SD) and Channel 845 (HD).
Argentina Supercanal: Channel 120.
Montecable Uruguay: Channel 522.
Grupo Cable Ecuador TV: Channel 211 (SD) and Channel 743 (HD).

Today's game Clausura Tournament 2019 for League 1 Movistar TV

11.00 am Pirate 0-2 César Vallejo | Channels: GolTV Latin America, Gol Peru and Magical Peru.
8.00 pm University of Sports vs. Cantolao Academy | Channels: GOL Peru, Movistar Deportes, GolTV Latin America and Peru Magic.

Position table accumulated League 1 Movistar | University vs Cantolao

– Thus the table before the classics between the University of Sports and Cantolao Academy.

Position table of the 2019 Closing Tournament from League 1 Movistar TV | University vs Cantolao

This is a table of positions before the Modern Classics between Universitario de Deportes and Academia Cantolao.

LIVE Betting, University of Sports vs Cantolao Predictions and Predictions: this is how the bookie pays

Bookmaker: Inkabet
The University of Sports: 1.75
Draw: 3.40
Cantolao Academy: 5.75

Bet: Betsson
The University of Sports: 1.67
Draw: 3.40
Cantolao Academy: 5.75

Bookmaker: I Bet You
The University of Sports: 1.45
Draw: 3.80
Cantolao Academy: 7.50

Bet: Timberazo
The University of Sports: 1.72
Draw: 3.08
Cantolao Academy: 5.70

How much is the city paid per University vs. Cantolao Academy?

Bets: Total bets
The University of Sports: 1.56
Draw: 3.88
Cantolao Academy: 6.65

Bet: bwin
The University of Sports: 1.72
Draw: 3.25
Cantolao Academy: 4.75

Bets: bet365
The University of Sports: 1.66
Draw: 3.40
Cantolao Academy: 5.00

Bet: Betfair
The University of Sports: 1.60
Draw: 3.00
Cantolao Academy: 5.50

How to go to the Monumental Stadium to watch the TODAY University of Sports v. Cantolao match

See map.

Formations and Formations confirmed LIVE University vs Cantolao Academy

The University of Sports: José Carvallo, Aldo Corzo, Brian Velarde, Minzum Quina, Jersson Vásquez, Alfageme, Guarderas, Barreto, Paulo De La Cruz, Alejandro Hohberg and Anthony Osorio.

Coach: Ángel Comizzo.

Cantolao Academy: Nicosia, Cabello, Contreras, Mogollón, Jasaui, Ramírez, Atoche, Castillo, Lasso, Rengifo and La Torre.

Coach: Carlos Silvestri.

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