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UANL vs. Tiger Veracruz | The soccer player from Veracruz stopped playing for 5 minutes and lost 3-1 to Tigres

In protest against not receiving their wages, the players Veracruz they carry out attacks during the fight match UANL Tigers They took a beating during the match against Tigres who won them 3-1 on the fourteenth of the 2019 Apertura Mexico soccer tournament.

Team of Veracruz He spent almost five minutes without playing or playing football and that spent two goals.

When the referee whistles starts the match, 'Red Sharks' from Veracruz They delayed the ball until goalkeeper Sebastián Jurado controlled it and did not play it, even knelt down in the penalty area. Other holders remain motionless in court while their successors stand outside the technical area.

They don't play 5 minutes

Confused, Veracruz fans began to whistle. that Tiger They were advised that this form of protest would last three minutes, but they requested that the opponent play the ball on the orders of his coach Ricardo Ferretti. After a few seconds, goalkeeper Jurado throws the ball forward without his team-mates competing for him.

In minute 2 the Tigers make the ball. Chilean people Eduardo Vargas He received it in front of midfield and without anyone from Veracruz against the resistance, he threw the goal for 1-0.

'Sharks' followed by servicing from the middle circle and detaching the ball without crossing the halfway line.

After 4 minutes against the reluctance of sharks, Vargas touched the ball to André-Pierre Gignac who scored 2-0 with a shot from outside the penalty box.

At that time, Chile and France accepted at the first time the claims of the players Veracruz because there is no solidarity with his protest.

Nearly 5 minutes when the 'Sharks' finally can play, but 8 Vargas made them 3-0 by defining operands that were filtered into the area with crosses.

At the age of 90, 'Sharks' score a goal of honor. England's Kazim Richards signed 3-1 with a shot inside a small area.

When the match ended, the Veracruz players fired the Tigers with standing ovation.

In this way, besides protesting against the lack of payment, Veracruz's team reached 40 league games without a win and remained at the bottom of the standings with four points; Tigers reach 23 units.

When presenting to the game, the players Veracruz they avoid automatic descent provided for in article 66 of the MX League rules which refer to Incompancias.

However, referee Fernando Hernández did not apply article 65 which ordered the suspension of the match "due to unsportsmanlike conduct, rebellion or any situation caused by a player …".

(With information from AFP)

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