Tuesday , July 27 2021

Trujillo: A transgender stylist in his room without life

Victims who are also loan sharks will be strangled

The stylist is also a lender.

A member of the transsexual community Trujillo He will be killed in the district of La Esperanza. It's about Karla López Laureano, stylist who was found lifeless in his house.

Victims who are also loan sharks will be strangled in his room. According to neighbors, the last time they saw him was accompanied by a subject with whom he would have a relationship. Neighbors indicated that he would become a citizen Venezuelan.

Criminal Personnel Police arrive at the house located on Alan García street. After registering, proceed with the transfer of the remains to the Middle Morgue Trujillo, amidst claims of family and friends.

Two weeks ago another stylist known as Brenda, was found dead at his home in the same district Trujillo.

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