The exchange rate rises because of the demand for the dollar against the global strength of the dollar Economy | Market


The exchange rate was rising on Tuesday as the sun fell due to dollar demand from foreign investors, in a session where the US currency strengthened after President Donald Trump's statement about additional tariffs for Chinese products.

At 10:16 am (15:16 GMT) on the interbank market, the dollar was valued at 0.06% to S / 3,383, higher than S / 3,381 at Monday's close, according to Reuters.

Trump's statement, which overshadowed the hopes of a commercial ceasefire with China, affected the performance of the US stock market and metal prices. While the dollar index rose 0.25%.

On the other hand, the dollar has a purchase price between S / 3.125 and S / 3,295 and the purchase price between S / 3,265 and S / 3,627 in the windows of the city's main banks in the morning.

While in exchange houses and capital roads, the exchange rate was quoted at S / 3,370 purchases and at S / 3,390 sales.


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