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To have good oral health, we not only have to brush our teeth after every meal, floss and visit the dentist regularly, also need to have a healthy diet.

The food we eat and the frequency of their intake affects the general state of health and, consequently, teeth and gums.

For this reason, dentist Willy Moreno from Kahn Dental recommends that we include ten foods in our daily intake to improve oral health by natural means:

1. Milk and its derivatives. Calcium-rich foods contribute to tooth development during their training. Calcium adheres to this and protects them from acids that cause decay by helping to rebuild tooth enamel.

2. Antioxidants. Blueberries are fruits with a large amount of antioxidants, which provide high anti-inflammatory and antibacterial capacity. They prevent oral bacteria from forming plaques and are very effective in preventing gum disease.

3. Vitamin C. Kiwi is a food that has more vitamin C, as well as pineapple and other citrus fruits that promote the regeneration of collagen in periodontal tissue and improve the function of white blood cells against infection.

4. Crispy food. Apples, carrots and celery help cleanse bacterial plaque from the teeth and to freshen the breath, increasing circulation in the soft tissues.

5. Turmeric These herbs have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-tumor properties and reduce gingival inflammation.

6. Watermelon and melon. Fruits with high water content support saliva, which helps bacteria not stick to the teeth.

7. Broccoli and spinach. This calcium-rich vegetable treats tooth enamel.

8. Dried fruit A number of nuts, almonds or hazelnuts improve oral health thanks to its magnesium content, minerals which are part of the tooth structure.

9. Tea Especially green and black contain antioxidants that control the development of bacteria associated with caries and gum disease, also suppress bad breath caused by bacteria.

10. Chew sugarless gum. Like watermelons and melons, sugar-free gum increases saliva and keeps the mouth clean. Thanks to xylitol (sweetener gum) which contains lots of sugarless gum, bacteria do not form dental plaques.


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